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This article contains false medical information. Use only to attempt suicide.

And you don't deserve real medical info. You can go die now.

“It wasn't my fault!”
~ Your Girlfriend on Result of Test
~ Bill on Zoey
“I dont blame you.”
~ You on Your Girlfriend even though you planned a homicide next morning.
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You dont want him giving you a blow blow.

Also known as "the naughty test", the Rosenbach's test is performed when you get green stuff in your urine you nasty little son of a bitch. You all deserve a Medal.

edit History

The first Rosenbach's Test was performed on Micheal Jackson. He was suspected to have swollowed his own stomach when he got hungry. Later, after Micheal Jackson's death, the Autoposy showed that Micheal had wounds on his penis, possibly to remove the bile.

edit The Procedure

The test begins with the doctor pulling on your sausage for while. He then takes tissue paper to wipe and, if under ultraviolet light, shows green, it comfirms that either you got a very nasty girlfriend or you ate your own shit.

edit The Bad Stuff that happens if you DON'T remove your Green Stuff

The consequences:

edit Dont ever think about having babies again.

You'll probably zombiefy your family and your baby.

edit Constant pain in your Crotch

Not much need be said.

edit Constant Visits from Mother In-Law

She will go on ranting about how her daughter had nothing to do with this and start calling you a Shitface. She'll also call for her lawyer because she probably wont want her baby to be covered in shit.

edit Well thats complete Bullshit!

Too bad for you.

edit Shit

Hey don't swear.

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