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For the religious among us who choose to believe lies, the self-proclaimed experts at Wikipedia have an article about Intake360/Metal Gear Solid: Rising.
Metal Gear Solid: Rising
For Systems: Failbox360,Failstation3,Windows 2010
Cost: $666.666(Canadian)
Copies Sold: 1
Seriously, no refunds.

Metal Gear Solid: Rising, is the sequel to Metal Gear Solid 4 and will be released for FailBox360, FailStation3, and Windows 2010.

edit Story

edit Disc 1

  • Raiden walks into black room...*

br-r-rp br-r-rp…br-r-rp br-r-rp

Otacon Raiden, Its time to change discs. Do you see that disc labled 2?

Raiden What the fuck is this? I just started the mother fucking game.

Otacon Wait let me check...

Otacon Oh... Raiden, your on the Failbox360 console! No wonder. That beginning intro took up 4.7 gigs.

Raiden Thats complete bullshit!

Otacon Sorry, its either that or we'd have to cut down the story.

edit Disc 2

  • Raiden walks further into black room.*
  • Raiden starts falling*


br-r-rp br-r-rp…br-r-rp br-r-rp

Raiden Otacon, What the fuck is this?

Otacon Umm, system bug... i'll get snake

  • Awesome theme music, followed by the face of snake appearing in front of Otacon's

Snake JACK!'CoughCoughCoughCough'

Raiden SNAKE!!!

Otacon Snake, you'll have to save raiden from falling! Do you see that disc labled 3?

  • Snake changes disc

edit Disc 3


Somehow, $666.666 got you pong.

  • Game starts... PONG!

Otacon Snake, it looks like you are the two rectangular thingies and the ball thingy is Raiden!

Snake What kind of fucking logic is that?'CoughCoughCoughCough'

Otacon Just reading off the paper here snake.

  • Snake starts moving

br-r-rp br-r-rp…br-r-rp br-r-rp
Snake Why am I moving so slowly?'CoughCoughCoughCough'

Otacon Because your standing on super glue!

Snake SUPER GLUE!?'CoughCoughCoughCough'

  • Snake starts playing
  • Snake beats level 1
  • Liquid snake comes out of nowhere.

Snake WHAT!?'CoughCoughCoughCough' I thought I killed you 4 games ago!'CoughCoughCoughCough'

Liquid MUAHAHAHAH 'CoughCoughCoughCough'

br-r-rp br-r-rp…br-r-rp br-r-rp
Otacon Snake, you have to defeat Liquid, again! Do you see that disc labled 2?

Snake I already did that before!

Otacon Oh, wait yes. Do you see that disc labled 4?

edit Conspiracy Theories

Many disappointed fans decided that they are pissed off at Hideo Kojima. So they said that Hideo Kojima was probably captured by Jimbo Wales (Because he is such a microsoft fan) and forced to release Rising with pong and on the XBox 360.

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