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“ They call this music?”
~ Ann Frank
“ Yeah, that guy owes me 5 bucks”
~ Sniper, The RoofTop Killa
“ Hmm. Maybe someone should tell him, not me, of course”
~ Recording Studio Worker
“ Just let him have fun, he's not hurting anyone, right?”
~ Thunderdome Owner

Insyne. Insyne Consists of the artist, Insyne. Pronnounced "Insane". Yes, once again, public schooling proves to work out well.

edit History

  • 1997-1998: JoeMomma Tribe

The years started rough, as a bunch of pigment challenged boys, or White people from Baltimore, MD decided they could rap, and have talent, shortly after listening to a marathon of Insane Clown Posse albums. The music created was short lived. But created a monster that, to this day, cannot be stopped. The First Album, which, can't even be called an album, (someone should let them know that), titled "The Chant of JoeMomma", had Two tracks, "Where Ya At", and "Fat Bitches". Fat Bitches, being the only song with Potential, sank into the void with the fall of JoeMomma Tribe, the summer of 1998, but Insyne Held onto the name "Fly The Insane," for later years.

  • 1999-2002:Zero To The End

Fed Up With the Rap Game, Insyne took up the name Zero, and started a rock group, Zero To The End....and wrote several songs, such as Flame, Fire To Reside, and many others noone remembers. They probably were poetic or something. The band dream lived for quite some time, however, failed miserably after the Drummer, Smitty, decided to be lead singer when recording was going to begin. The problem: Smitty couldn't sing...Insyne couldn't play drums. See the issue? The band shortly thereafter broke up, before recording the first album "Smiley Faced Suicide".

2003-2005: Fly Yes, the return of Fly. Realizing rap was the way to go, and the easiset, do to the fact you don't need a band to rap, it was back to laying down the tracks. Songs like "What I need", and "Dead N Gone", were recorded, and put on the album "Out Like A Candle." This album was full of 12 tracks of misery, and pain to the listener. Not the content, but the quality...Gosh! Holy Leapin Gravy Boat....But, the dream was not killed. A Demo was released, titled "Up In Flamez", shortly before the album was released.

2005-2007: Downfall Upon working on the next album, Insyne was asked to perform on a collaboration song, by the rap duo "Point Blanke." The group consisted of Sniper the Rooftop Killa, and KB Killa. The trio recorded the track, and decided to form the super group, Downfall. The first four tracks were laid down with the three, "Ice Cream Killin, "Many Murders", "The General", and "Skoolyard Killaz." Upon performing the first show at the Thunderdome in Baltimore, KB Killa smoked himself retarted, and dropped out of the group the night of the show. That did not stop Downfall. Fly the Insane and Sniper the Rooftop Killa went on to schedule another show, and blew the audience away, shortly before releasing "Falldown." Songs like "Baby Eataz", "Purgatory", and "Left 4 Dead" all were great Flops in the musical business, but they didn't care. They kept making music anyway. Downfall released "The Sequal", at the end of 2007, and broke up shortly thereafter, because Sniper was being a douche| douche about wanting to take a break for a while.

2007-Now Fly The Insane dropped most of the name, mis-dispronounciated the word Insane, naming himself Insyne, and went on to make more crappy music. The Album "Tap 4 Service" was created, and actually shocked the people a little bit. Songs like "Tigga", "Overly Caucasian", and "Un4Given" were all pretty decent. It was shortly after completing the cd that Sniper released a track dissing Insyne, and there was a retaliation named "Bring It" where Insyne got his buddy in on the track, and had some really stupid and lame white boy beef with each other. This was dropped a year or so later.

edit Cultural Impact

If you want to see other musicians that ruined music for the rest of us, as did Insyne, see Insane Clown Posse, Twiztid, Dido.

edit Discography

edit Made in the Basement with Cheap Shit Albums

edit Chant of Joemomma (1997)

  • Fat Bitches
  • Where Ya At
  • One Thing
  • Nightmare

edit Smiley Faced Suicide(1999)

  • Flame
  • Fire to Reside
  • Love of a Heart
  • Smiley Faced Suicide

edit Out Like a Candle (2003)

  • The Spark
  • Out Like A Candle
  • What I need
  • Nightwatcher 3
  • Billy Bob Skit
  • Body Shop
  • Patient 2937
  • Aliens
  • Buried Alive
  • Dead N Gone
  • Evil Eddie
  • Visit To Hell
  • OtherSide
  • Visit to Hell (supposedly accoustic version)
  • Billy Bob Skit 2

edit FallDown(2004)

  • Here Comes Downfall
  • Skoolyard Killaz
  • The Watcher
  • Mental Ward
  • PurGatory
  • Many Murders
  • Lost Love
  • Baby Eataz
  • The General
  • Icecream Killin
  • Have You Ever Been?
  • Armegeddon
  • Left 4 Dead

edit The Sequal (2005)

  • Vampire
  • Turn The News Up
  • Possession
  • Overly Caucasian
  • General 2k5
  • Downfall's Back
  • Disembowlment

edit Tap 4 Service (2007)

  • Tigga
  • Bring It
  • Too Many Years
  • Un4Givin
  • Bring It
  • Stand By Me
  • Nightmare
  • Never Have I
  • Ahead of You Now
  • Sharpshoota
  • Soapy Butt
  • Billion Dollar Babies (yeah a sad attempt)

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