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Quote policy

One quote per page, but only if the quote is really funny.

If there are too many crappy quotes (the number of crappy quotes being greater than 0), they will all be deleted, no questions asked.

If you spam quotes, I will report you to Ban Patrol, no questions asked.

Now for a more detailed quote policy

If you may have noticed, I have been removing a lot of quotes from pages with the summary "Quoticide". What is Quoticide, you ask? Quoticide means "the killing of quotes". It comes from Latin quotis, meaning "quotes", and caedere, "to strike", literally meaning "to strike down quotes", which is exactly what I do. I search Uncyclopedia for crappy quotes that are flooding up pages and I destroy them all.

I have recently programmed into my mind a new function, as can be seen below:

function quoticide() {
  var numberOfQuotes;
  var deleteAll;
  var quotesOnPage;

  if (numberOfQuotes > 0) {
  return sadisticSatisfaction;

This code is licensed under the GNU Public License.

If you wish to aid me in quoticide, feel free to do so. Just go to a page with a quote flood at the top and delete all of those quotes.

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