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edit 12 January, 2007

[23:37] <Cainad> So, who's here for me to badger?
[23:37] <Insineratehymn> I am
[23:37] * Cainad badgers Insineratehymn
[23:38] <Insineratehymn> yay! a badger is attacking me! :D
[23:39] <Cainad> Insineratehymn, what's the deal with the Death Metal Bread anyway?
[23:39] <Insineratehymn> oh, it's a very long story
[23:39] <Insineratehymn> pull up a chair and sit down
[23:39] * Cainad likes long stories.
[23:40] <Insineratehymn> it all began when i was a regular at YTMND
[23:40] <Cainad> Oh, this is going to be very, very good.
[23:40] <Insineratehymn> I was browsing through the sites when I came across "death metal gumdrops"
[23:40] <Insineratehymn> this site had the picture that you see on my profile
[23:41] <Insineratehymn> I loved the picture so much that I adopted it as my own
[23:41] <Insineratehymn> I now carry it with me wherever I go on the internets
[23:41] <Mitch_1_2> Cainad!
[23:41] <Insineratehymn> the name of the original author has been lost in the annals of my mind's memory archive
[23:42] <Jovan> ANything I missed?
[23:42] <Cainad> Mitch! Insineratehymn has just relayed to me the secret of the Death Metal Bread. Now I can conquer the world.
[23:42] <Cainad> Not that I'd want to.
[23:42] <Mitch_1_2> Indifference, no doubt.
[23:43] <Insineratehymn> go forth, my brethren! go forth and take this world as your own!

edit 13 January, 2007

[09:19] <Insineratehymn> I would like to have a word with Mhaille
[09:19] <flyingfeline> Please press 1
[09:19] <Insineratehymn> *press 1*
[09:19] <flyingfeline> To speak to an operator, please press 2
[09:19] <Braydie> 2
[09:19] <Insineratehymn> 2
[09:19] <goshzilla^> 2
[09:20] <flyingfeline> To speak to Mhaille, please wait around for the next two hours until he notices the namedrop
[09:20] <Insineratehymn> it appears that Mhaille has accidentally banned me with the reason "Repeat vandal"
[09:20] <Braydie> I got that too
[09:20] <Braydie> a few people did
[09:20] <flyingfeline> ouch
[09:21] <Insineratehymn> it said that my IP is
[09:21] <Braydie> It started working again, but it's gone back to showing me this...
[09:21] <Braydie> yeah same
[09:21] <Insineratehymn> my IP is actually
[09:21] <Braydie>
[09:22] <Insineratehymn> my ban does not even show up in my block log!
[09:22] <Insineratehymn>
[09:22] <flyingfeline> yeah, same with Braydie's
[09:22] <Braydie> he didn't ban you, he banned an IP that seems to have got some other people as well
[09:23] <Insineratehymn> ah, crap
[09:23] <flyingfeline> try logging out and in again?
[09:23] <goshzilla^>
[09:23] <flyingfeline> ^wild guess
[09:23] <goshzilla^> Sorry.
[09:23] <goshzilla^> Some old ads I found.
[09:24] <Insineratehymn> for reasons unknown, my IP changed to
[09:24] <Mig12> hey
[09:24] <Mig12> me too!
[09:24] <Braydie> same
[09:24] <Mig12> omfg, did Mhaille block you?
[09:25] <Mhaille> looks like Mhaille has blocked everyone
[09:25] <Mig12> shiiiiit
[09:25] <goshzilla^> Same here
[09:25] <Mig12> got smited
[09:25] <Braydie> damn that mhaille
[09:25] <Braydie> always causing trouble
[09:25] <goshzilla^> Apparently since 10:08
[09:25] <goshzilla^> It has been like this.
[09:25] <Mig12> it was 2 47 am my time
[09:26] <Braydie> he was been blocked by STM this morning, but he reversed the ban
[09:26] <Braydie> maybe that's why
[09:26] <Braydie> ^Mhaille's words
[09:26] <Mig12> what page did he screw with?
[09:26] <Braydie> erm Zune
[09:26] <Mig12> g'dammit
[09:27] <flyingfeline> ooh, me too!
[09:27] <ENeGMA> yay, I finally got to see what banned people see!
[09:27] <Mhaille> try now
[09:27] * flyingfeline joins the Blocked party
[09:27] <ENeGMA> how'd you finally catch me for my repeated vandalism?
[09:27] <Braydie> haha
[09:27] <Mhaille> will see if I can find someone from Wikia to see what the issue is
[09:27] <Mig12> WOO!
[09:28] <Mhaille> do I get the Bastard Admin award now?
[09:28] <Braydie> sannse is awayalot
[09:28] <Braydie> Mhaille: I'm already on my way there
[09:28] <goshzilla^> Its good now!
[09:29] <Mig12> i feel special, because I'd been smited
[09:29] * flyingfeline prepares for an IRC influx of Everyone In Uncyclopedia
[09:29] <goshzilla^> Welcome!
[09:29] <ENeGMA> I'm going to report this injustice to the proper authorities
[09:29] <ENeGMA> I have connection
[09:29] <flyingfeline> everyone'll think they've been banned
[09:30] <ENeGMA> Mhaille! Some douche banned me, could you stop him?
[09:30] <flyingfeline> apologetic forum topic, maybe?
[09:30] <Braydie> ENeGMA: I've seen that page before, when Sikon blocked me for blanking ;)
[09:30] <Mig12> I thought I had done something naughty
[09:30] <LucidFox> blocked?
[09:30] <ENeGMA> Apologetic? He should certainly feel sorry, but I don't know how arguing the existence of God will do anything to help
[09:31] <Braydie> yeah, accidental
[09:31] <LucidFox> well, sorry...
[09:31] <Braydie> remember?
[09:31] <LucidFox> yes
[09:31] <Braydie> that's fine :)
[09:31] <LucidFox> ENeGMA> arguing the existence of God?
[09:31] <ENeGMA> Apologetic has multiple meanings
[09:32] <Mig12> there is no god, except for my dog
[09:32] <ENeGMA> Christian Apologetics
[09:32] <ENeGMA>
[09:32] <ENeGMA> though you may not realize it, everything I say is actually a heavily veiled joke
[09:32] <ENeGMA> including this
[09:32] =-= sannse|awayabit is now known as sannse
[09:32] <Braydie> the saviour is here!
[09:33] <ynnaD> your jokes are crossdressing veil wearers?
[09:33] <ENeGMA> on occasion
[09:33] <Mig12> wrapped in an enigma
[09:33] <Mig12> inside a whale's vagina
[09:33] <ENeGMA> yay, freedom!
[09:33] <Mhaille> wrapped in a burger bun and dowsed in sauce
[09:33] <ynnaD> doused ;p
[09:33] * sannse kicks the servers, and the technical team, and everyone else for good measure
[09:34] * ynnaD gives sannse a hug
[09:34] <Braydie> ouch
[09:34] <ENeGMA> that's how I like my freedom
[09:34] <ENeGMA> and my jokes
[09:34] <ENeGMA> and my burgers
[09:34] <Mig12> i learned last nite that can never be trusted
[09:34] <sannse> edits are being wrongly assigned to the Wikia IP, which means that banning someone that's happened to, will affect everyone else assigned that IP
[09:35] <flyingfeline> so no-one can be banned until it's fixed?
[09:35] <flyingfeline> yikes
[09:35] <sannse> they can... just not that IP
[09:36] <Mig12> who's tghat I
[09:36] <Mig12> wow
[09:36] <sannse> and I can check what edits are on that IP
[09:36] <Mig12> who's that IP?
[09:36] <ynnaD> it's kinda like the chinese discovering that their nice wall is made of papier mache
[09:36] <ynnaD> "whoops"
[09:36] <Braydie> haha
[09:36] <ENeGMA> damn Mongolian hordes
[09:36] <ynnaD> here come the mongols
[09:36] <sannse> it's happened before, so it's fixable an all
[09:36] <Mhaille> so do I hold the new record for people blocked?
[09:36] <ENeGMA> you win!
[09:37] <flyingfeline> everyone on uncyclopedia at once
[09:37] <Mhaille>
[09:37] <Braydie> "Mhaille is such a bitch on wheels"
[09:37] <Braydie> heh
[09:37] <Mhaille> didn't Splarka take down an entire state once?
[09:38] <Mhaille> UnNews:Mhaille takes on the world, and wins!
[09:38] <Mhaille>
[09:38] <ENeGMA> * EVERYBODY! -- Don't worry.....I've dealt with them.... -- Sir Mhaille Image:Icons-flag-gb.png (talk to me)
[09:38] <ENeGMA> I know that my life of crime has led me to this sorry fate...and yet...I blame society. --Sir ENeGMA (talk) GUN WotM 15:35, 13 January 2007 (UTC)
[09:38] <Mig12> well, I'm outie
[09:40] <flyingfeline> found it!
[09:40] <flyingfeline>
[09:40] <Mhaille> the same IP is crudding all over the site
[09:40] <ENeGMA> yeah, but Qatar blows anyway
[09:40] <flyingfeline> erro ziddy
[09:41] <Mhaille> hey I have to ban you too?
[09:42] <ynnaD> gah I'm bored
[09:42] <ynnaD> what's everyone up to?
[09:42] <ENeGMA> well, Mhaille saw fit to ban us all
[09:42] <NeoZidane> oh, it work
[09:42] <Braydie> way to go, just ban everyone. Headline: "Mhaille stops vandalism, forever"
[09:42] <Skiddles^> Crush the vandals!
[09:42] <ynnaD> lol
[09:43] <flyingfeline> UnNews
[09:43] <Skiddles^> Take a shower!
[09:43] <flyingfeline> someone write it
[09:43] <ENeGMA> Mhaille eliminates human race; Quote "Problem Solved"
[09:43] <ynnaD> that could work in other areas of life
[09:43] <ENeGMA> Mhaille institutes Final Solution to vandalism problem
[09:43] <ynnaD> "New cyanide injections cut cancer deaths by 100%!"
[09:43] <Mhaille> I've always maintained....Democracy doesn't work
[09:43] <ENeGMA> I'll write "UnNew:Mhaille institutes Final Solution to vandalism problem"
[09:43] <ENeGMA> if that's alright with everyone
[09:44] <flyingfeline> yay
[09:44] * sannse points out, in Mhaille's defense, that he did actually ban himself as well
[09:44] <ENeGMA> maybe make this a collaborative effort
[09:44] <ENeGMA> since I'm lazy
[09:45] <Braydie> I'll help
[09:45] <Braydie> ENeGMA: use this as a source
[09:45] <Braydie>
[09:46] <ENeGMA> alrighty
[09:47] <NeoZidane> ok im here now, was wrestling with a desktop problem
[09:47] <NeoZidane> well more repeatedly swearing
[09:48] <Mhaille>
[09:48] <Braydie> Headline: Mhaille: I'm sick and tired of this shit
[09:48] <ENeGMA>
[09:48] <ENeGMA> I'm going to go eat

edit 16 January, 2007

[17:50] <Insineratehymn> I'm bored, what should I do?
[17:50] <slif3rjam> lets play some more
[17:50] <Insineratehymn> play? ok
[17:50] <slif3rjam> masturbate
[17:50] <Insineratehymn> to Lindsay Lohan?
[17:50] <slif3rjam> yes
[17:50] <Insineratehymn> ok
[17:50] * slif3rjam watches
[17:51] <Insineratehymn> you perv! get out of my room!
[17:51] <slif3rjam> you're a chick right?
[17:51] <Insineratehymn> no!
[17:51] <slif3rjam> couldn't tell
[17:51] <Insineratehymn> :o
[17:51] <slif3rjam> sorry

edit 21 January, 2007

[11:25] <Insineratehymn> hello everyone
[11:25] <DiZtheGreat> hey, it's TomMayfair!
[11:25] <sannse> Rangeley: nothing, but I'm not going to do it on my bosses account, without asking him, on a Sunday evening...
[11:25] <Insineratehymn> I'm eating pancakes
[11:25] <DiZtheGreat> hi tom, hi Insineratehymn
[11:25] <Braydie> hi Insineratehymn
[11:25] <TomMayfair> Hi DiZ
[11:26] <Rangeley> sundays are the best days though
[11:26] <Braydie> why?
[11:26] <Rangeley> because todays a sunday
[11:26] <DiZtheGreat> for church-burning?
[11:26] <Insineratehymn> yes! let's burn churches!
[11:27] <DiZtheGreat> ooh ooh, i'll get the Big Book of Blasphemies
[11:27] <DiZtheGreat> if i can find it...
[11:28] <Insineratehymn> try checking under your sofa
[11:28] <DiZtheGreat> nope, jsut some magazines
[11:28] <DiZtheGreat> oh shit, a penny
[11:28] <Insineratehymn> what type of magazines are they?
[11:29] <DiZtheGreat> Insineratehymn: the naked kind
[11:29] <Insineratehymn> ok
[11:29] <DiZtheGreat> there's also a National geographic here...
[11:29] <Guido_Arbia> Jesus loves you.
[11:29] <DiZtheGreat> ooh, it's an in-depth look at the nude Makoraki tribe of new Guinea
[11:30] <DiZtheGreat> excuse me for a moment....
[11:30] * DiZtheGreat finds a dark, secluded place
[11:32] <DiZtheGreat> kay, i'm done
[11:32] * DiZtheGreat washes up and hands Insineratehymn the magazine
[11:33] <Insineratehymn> what do I do with this?
[11:33] <DiZtheGreat> you know....
[11:33] <DiZtheGreat> page 34...
[11:33] <Insineratehymn> are there any pictures of Lindsay Lohan in here?
[11:33] <DiZtheGreat> god no
[11:33] <Insineratehymn> then you suck

edit 23 January, 2007

[17:57] <Insineratehymn> hello, I'm back
[17:57] <DiZtheGreat> hey Insineratehymn
[17:57] <Hinoa> Unbanned.
[17:57] <Insineratehymn> who me?
[17:57] <thesoccermage> thank you very much
[17:57] <DiZtheGreat> how does freedom taste?
[17:58] <thesoccermage> tastes like waffles =)
[17:58] <LordKaT> sweet mother freedom, let's make out!
[17:58] <DiZtheGreat> like chocolate?
[17:58] <Insineratehymn> no, tastes like chicken
[17:58] <DiZtheGreat> chocolate waffles....
[17:58] <thesoccermage> everything tastes like chicken..
[17:58] <Insineratehymn> chocolate chicken waffles
[17:58] <thesoccermage> lol
[17:58] <thesoccermage> there ya go
[17:58] <LordKaT> chiocken flavored chocolate waffles?
[17:58] <DiZtheGreat> chicken-flavored chocoloate-chip waffles
[17:58] <thesoccermage> hinoa, are u an admin?
[17:58] <DiZtheGreat> woah
[17:58] <Hinoa> Yes.
[17:58] <DiZtheGreat> jinx
[17:58] <DiZtheGreat> sorta
[17:58] <LordKaT> diz, that's frightening.
[17:59] <LordKaT> for you, I mean.
[17:59] <LordKaT> For me, it's a standard event.
[17:59] <DiZtheGreat> wtf is chiocken?
[17:59] <thesoccermage> cool. Thanks again. I would stay longer but i only stopped my hw to see about the ban.
[17:59] <LordKaT> it's my mutated chicken killers
[17:59] <Hinoa> Thesoccermage: No problem.
[17:59] <Hinoa> I suggest you read HTBFANJS, though. :)
[17:59] <LordKaT> they shall protect my roost of dominance after my evil apes have taken over the earth.
[17:59] <thesoccermage> HTBFANJS?
[17:59] <DiZtheGreat> thesoccermage: yeah, and next time that happens, jsut revert the page
[17:59] <DiZtheGreat> do you know how to revert?
[18:00] <Hinoa>
[18:00] <LordKaT> How The Ban Fan And Nasty Juke Sucks?
[18:00] <DiZtheGreat> no, LordKaT, not at all....
[18:00] <DiZtheGreat> once again, you fail
[18:00] <LordKaT> oh.
[18:00] <LordKaT> :(
[18:00] <thesoccermage> o yeah i've read that before..that was just about the only stupid comment that i've made
[18:00] <LordKaT> I'll never be smart enough.
[18:00] <DiZtheGreat> you fucking fail >:-(
[18:00] <thesoccermage> besides like 1 other one
[18:00] <DiZtheGreat> thesoccermage: answer me, can you revert?
[18:00] <thesoccermage> idk how sorry
[18:00] <thesoccermage> was answering hinoa
[18:00] <Insineratehymn> Grr! >:(
[18:01] <DiZtheGreat> oh, you're missing out
[18:01] <Insineratehymn> I am?
[18:01] <DiZtheGreat> reverting is so much fun
[18:01] <Insineratehymn> it is
[18:01] <thesoccermage> so how?...
[18:01] <LordKaT> Don't growl, Insineratehymn, you'll just upset the tigers.
[18:01] <DiZtheGreat> and rather useful in cases liek what jsut happenned
[18:01] <Insineratehymn> LordKaT: I will?
[18:01] <LordKaT> Not really.
[18:01] <DiZtheGreat> thesoccermage: go to the "history" tab first
[18:01] <thesoccermage> kk
[18:02] <DiZtheGreat> find the current, crappy version, and the good, older version....
[18:02] <thesoccermage> and just copy and paste old?
[18:02] <DiZtheGreat> click the radio buttons by the sides
[18:02] <DiZtheGreat> no, no, there's more
[18:02] <DiZtheGreat> hit the "compare selected versions" button
[18:02] <DiZtheGreat> and...fuck....i need to see it, i forgot the rest
[18:03] <thesoccermage> o well thanks anyway. I need to go study for a midterm.
[18:03] <thesoccermage> C ya guys around.
[18:03] <DiZtheGreat> no!
[18:03] <thesoccermage> been lookin into this for an hour before i realized to come nere =\
[18:03] <DiZtheGreat> when you hit the button...
[18:04] * Braydie gives LordKaT a broken record
[18:04] <DiZtheGreat> you'll see two versions, the old one and the newer, stupider one
[18:04] <LordKaT> WHEEEEEEEEE!
[18:04] <LordKaT> Ah, erhm, sorry.
[18:04] <LordKaT> wheeee!
[18:04] <DiZtheGreat> click on the older one where it says "edit'
[18:05] <DiZtheGreat> and you'll see the typical edit window, with a message on top reading something like "you are editing a prior version of this page"
[18:05] <DiZtheGreat> make sure it's the one you're looking for, and save it
[18:05] <thesoccermage> o i c
[18:05] <thesoccermage> thanks
[18:05] <DiZtheGreat> Bam
[18:05] <rwg> I like this ISP better
[18:05] <rwg> heh
[18:05] <DiZtheGreat> YOU JSUT REVARTYED
[18:05] <rwg> It's a lot faster
[18:05] <thesoccermage> lol =)
[18:05] <DiZtheGreat> and make sure to include it in teh edit summary
[18:05] <thesoccermage> c ya. thanks hinoa
[18:06] <DiZtheGreat> somehtibng like "revert", or "rv", or "REVARRTT TEH LOZER SHIT lawl!11"
[18:06] <rwg> Time: Tue Jan 23 19:03:27 (GMT -5)
[18:06] <DiZtheGreat> oh, he left :-(
[18:07] <DiZtheGreat> kay, that's my good deed for the day
[18:07] <DiZtheGreat> so i'll be leaving now
[18:07] <DiZtheGreat> bye everyone
[18:08] <DiZtheGreat> i said "bye"
[18:08] <MoA|gnome> bye DiZ
[18:08] <MoA|gnome> ....and bye everyone
[18:08] <DiZtheGreat> why is MoA|gnome the only one to say goodbye to me?
[18:08] <DiZtheGreat> fucking bastards....
[18:08] <DiZtheGreat> show some goddamned gratitude!
[18:09] <DiZtheGreat> >_< goddamit, i WILL BE LOVED!
[18:09] <Jedravent> bye thesoccermage
[18:09] * Olipro gives LordKaT a wedge of hardened cheese
[18:09] <Olipro> fuck off DiZ
[18:09] <DiZtheGreat> so goddamit, say good-fcking-bye"
[18:09] <Caitlai> Diz son calm down..
[18:10] <DiZtheGreat> Olipro: thank you
[18:10] <Hinoa> Bye, DiZ.
[18:10] <Hinoa> Don't do anything stupid.
[18:10] <Braydie> bye DiZ
[18:10] <DiZtheGreat> bye Hinoa, i love you
[18:10] <Hinoa> I know it'll be an effort.
[18:10] * Caitlai taps Olipro..
[18:10] <DiZtheGreat> * Braydie too
[18:10] <DiZtheGreat> c ya
[18:10] <Olipro> it's ok, I don't mean it
[18:10] * Hinoa snickers
[18:10] <Olipro> by DiZ
[18:10] <Olipro> *bye
[18:10] <DiZtheGreat> :-(
[18:10] <MoA|gnome> bye Hinoa, Braydie, Caitlai and whoever is not afk
[18:10] <DiZtheGreat> i'm sad now
[18:11] <Olipro> yeah, jsonitsac has that effect on people
[18:11] <Braydie> cya gnome
[18:11] <Olipro> you rat bastard
[18:11] <Braydie> lol
[18:13] <Braydie> I'm off cya
[18:13] <Olipro> g'night
[18:13] <Olipro> shit, codeine left
[18:13] <Jedravent> Bye DiZ
[18:13] <Braydie> lol
[18:13] <Olipro> oh well, Mhaille's still here
[18:13] <Bradaway> Oli!
[18:13] <Bradaway> I'm bored!
[18:13] <Bradaway> entertain me!
[18:13] <Olipro> and Brad!
[18:13] * jsonitsac gives brad some lsd
[18:13] <jsonitsac> that should take care of your problem
[18:13] <Olipro> I'm entertaining, bore me
[18:14] * Bradaway isn't entertained, but he is really freaked out by the bugs bursting out of his fingers
[18:14] <Bradaway> dang it
[18:14] <Bradaway> if RC had just showed up a half-second earlier, we could've had a QDb
[18:14] <Insineratehymn> in chat, how do you make your text all italic like that as if you're performing an action?
[18:15] <rcmurphy> Happy to screw things up as usual.
[18:15] =-= Bradaway is now known as Bradaphraser
[18:15] <Olipro> hey arsey!
[18:15] <Bradaphraser> I use /me
[18:15] * Insineratehymn does a hatstand
[18:15] <Insineratehymn> hey I did it!
[18:15] <rcmurphy> Hey Oilpro!
[18:15] * Jedravent sees if /me works
[18:15] <Jedravent> it does
[18:15] <Bradaphraser> woo insinerate
[18:16] <Bradaphraser> now don't abuse /me
[18:16] * rwg abuses /you
[18:16] * Insineratehymn promises not to abuse /me
[18:16] <Bradaphraser> /me is a very important part of your balanced breakfast
[18:16] <Bradaphraser> oh way, sorry
[18:16] * LordKaT traces Insineratehymn
[18:16] <Bradaphraser> must've been json's lsd, again
[18:16] * rwg brutally abuses /me
[18:16] * rwg
[18:17] * Insineratehymn tells rwg to stop abusing /me
[18:17] * Bradaphraser ?
[18:18] * rwg continues to abuse /me
[18:18] <Bradaphraser> remember when we used to play Jeopardy in here?
[18:18] <jsonitsac> what is no
[18:18] * Insineratehymn tries to remember when he was on Jeopardy
[18:18] <Bradaphraser> correct json
[18:18] <Bradaphraser> 100 points for you
[18:19] <Bradaphraser> you have the board
[18:19] <jsonitsac> i'll take don't click the links for $200
[18:19] <rcmurphy> So what's up, tiger lilies?
[18:19] <TomMayfair> The Answer, The Daily Double
[18:19] <Bradaphraser> and the question is: "What the Hell?"
[18:19] <Insineratehymn> what is Satan?
[18:19] <jsonitsac> what is, tub girl?
[18:19] <Bradaphraser> correct
[18:19] <Bradaphraser> insinerate him has the board
[18:19] <Bradaphraser> 2 points for inhymn
[18:20] <Insineratehymn> I'll take Incoherent for $300
[18:20] <TomMayfair> Sold
[18:20] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is: "This Typist is known for playing the bass guitar."
[18:20] <Insineratehymn> what is ironclad shoe?
[18:20] <Bradaphraser> correct
[18:20] <Bradaphraser> 30 points for insin
[18:20] <Insineratehymn> yay! I AM TEH UBER!!!!!!
[18:20] <Bradaphraser> Tom has the board
[18:21] <TomMayfair> I'll have "Steak" for $12.99
[18:21] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is
[18:21] <Bradaphraser> "Yes sir, may I have another."
[18:21] <jsonitsac> what is sodomy?
[18:21] <Bradaphraser> correct
[18:22] <TomMayfair> Damn it
[18:22] <TomMayfair> I knew that
[18:22] <TomMayfair> AFK
[18:22] <jsonitsac> i'll have don't click the links for $300
[18:22] <Bradaphraser> json gets $12.99 and a one-way flight to Africa
[18:22] <Bradaphraser> k
[18:22] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is
[18:22] <Bradaphraser> the daily double
[18:22] <Bradaphraser> how much will you wajor?
[18:22] <jsonitsac> i'll bet brad's kid's college fund
[18:23] <Bradaphraser> alright, and the answer is
[18:23] * LordKaT packages Bradaphraser and ships him off to Nigeria
[18:23] <Bradaphraser> "This person wrote a tale of two cities"
[18:23] <jsonitsac> who is dickens
[18:23] <Bradaphraser> no, I'm sorry
[18:23] <Bradaphraser> the answer we were looking for was Charles White
[18:23] <rcmurphy> OSCAR WILDE
[18:23] <Bradaphraser> but RC gets a half
[18:23] <Bradaphraser> Rc, you have the board
[18:24] <jsonitsac> oh well, i guess your kids are going to college after all
[18:24] <Bradaphraser> sorry, rc, time's up
[18:24] <Bradaphraser> I'll choose the next category: "Feces"
[18:24] <rcmurphy> Alex Trebek for $2000.
[18:24] <Bradaphraser> oh wait
[18:24] <Bradaphraser> ok
[18:24] <Bradaphraser> I'll go with that, then
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is: "Sean Connery"
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> ...
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> that's all it says, just Sean Connery
[18:25] <LordKaT> I <3 Sean Connery
[18:25] <jsonitsac> what is SNL?
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> correct
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> Json wins the buscuit
[18:25] <jsonitsac> i'll take ED for $0
[18:25] <Insineratehymn> no, don't take ED. ED's stupid
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> another daily double
[18:25] <Bradaphraser> how much will you wagor?
[18:26] <jsonitsac> the national debt
[18:26] <Bradaphraser> the answer is
[18:26] <Bradaphraser> "The final solution to the Iraq problem"
[18:26] <jsonitsac> what is lolz
[18:26] <Bradaphraser> correct
[18:27] <Bradaphraser> and that's the end of round one
[18:27] <Bradaphraser> json is in the lead with 35 bazillion dollars
[18:27] <jsonitsac> that reminds me the online jeopardy test is tonight
[18:27] <rcmurphy> Can I still buy Trebek for $2000?
[18:27] <Bradaphraser> Insineratehymn is immediately behind with $40 and a fine piece of mohogany
[18:27] <rcmurphy> I want him to experience my Final Jeopardy.
[18:27] <Bradaphraser> sure, he's in the back
[18:27] <rcmurphy> If you know what I mean.
[18:28] <Insineratehymn> uhh, no
[18:28] <Bradaphraser> Insineratehymn, you are in the lead, so you have the board
[18:28] <Insineratehymn> umm, I'll take Uncyclopedia is the worst for 2029301 dollar
[18:28] <Insineratehymn> *dollars
[18:29] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is: "No pooftas"
[18:29] <Insineratehymn> what is racist humor nazis?
[18:29] <Bradaphraser> correct!
[18:29] <Insineratehymn> hooray!
[18:29] <Bradaphraser> you are now catching up
[18:29] <Bradaphraser> what category will you choose?
[18:30] <Insineratehymn> I'll take Charlemagne for 1000$
[18:30] <Bradaphraser> and the answer is
[18:30] <Bradaphraser> "This movie was the top box-office gross of 1998, but you wouldn't know it from the poster."
[18:31] <Insineratehymn> what is Star Wars: World War XXX?
[18:31] <jsonitsac> what is anal sluts IV?
[18:31] <rcmurphy> GODZIRRA
[18:31] <Bradaphraser> both correct
[18:31] <Bradaphraser> all three are correct
[18:31] <Bradaphraser> you'll have to perform rock, paper, scissors to see who'll get the points
[18:31] * rcmurphy fistpumps
[18:31] <jsonitsac> rock
[18:32] <rcmurphy> bomb
[18:32] <Insineratehymn> airstrike
[18:32] <Bradaphraser> insineratehyn wins with superior firepower
[18:32] <Bradaphraser> RC: you have the board
[18:32] <rcmurphy> Rock Paper Scissors doesn't work so well in a chatroom.
[18:32] <rcmurphy> I will abstain.
[18:32] <Bradaphraser> ok, json, you have the board
[18:33] <jsonitsac> things people do at night for $1000
[18:33] <Bradaphraser> Your answer comes in the form of a video
[18:33] <Bradaphraser> ...oh dear god
[18:33] <Bradaphraser> um... well? What's the question
[18:33] <jsonitsac> what is brad's wife?
[18:33] <Bradaphraser> yes yes
[18:34] <Bradaphraser> here's your f-ing money
[18:34] <Olipro> an evil beast...
[18:34] <Bradaphraser> what category!?!
[18:34] <rcmurphy> Brad made a pun!
[18:34] <jsonitsac> things that piss of brad for $1000\
[18:34] <Bradaphraser> I have been known to do that from time to time
[18:34] <Olipro> poor brad
[18:34] * Olipro defends Brad
[18:34] <Bradaphraser> alright, and it's our next daily double
[18:34] <Olipro> I'm not a homosexual
[18:34] <Bradaphraser> how much will you wager?
[18:34] <jsonitsac> i'll wager olipro's life
[18:35] <Bradaphraser> thanks, Oli
[18:35] <Bradaphraser> alright, you question is: "The most famous Japanese general, this man won the "battle" of Nanking before quietly slipping off into "retirement"
[18:36] <jsonitsac> who is dr. no?
[18:36] <Bradaphraser> That is correct
[18:36] <Bradaphraser> Oli's life is spared
[18:36] <morwen> DavidGerard: planned headline is "Microsoft pays people not to edit Wikipedia"
[18:36] <DavidGerard> morwen: could do could do
[18:36] <DavidGerard> see my latest lj post
[18:36] <DavidGerard> damien_wise has added a good para that's gotta go in
[18:37] <Bradaphraser> and that's the end of round 2
[18:37] <Bradaphraser> our current leader in insineratehymn with an atomic bomb
[18:37] <Insineratehymn> YAY! I'm going on an adventure!
[18:37] <Bradaphraser> in second comes json, with lycanthropy
[18:38] <Bradaphraser> and finally, RC, who still hasn't decided on a major
[18:38] <Bradaphraser> the topic for Final Jeapordy is: "Things"
[18:38] <Bradaphraser> Please write how much you wager now
[18:39] <Jedravent> Wait, i have an extremely hard question
[18:39] <Insineratehymn> $5000
[18:39] <Bradaphraser> yes jedra?
[18:39] <Jedravent> Category: Uncyclopedia users
[18:39] <Bradaphraser> yes?
[18:39] <jsonitsac> my wager is: error - integer overflow
[18:39] <Jedravent> Question: Section sign-lowercase u with umlaut or diaresis and caron-lowercase rho-lowercase omega-lowercase xi-lowercase lambda-pound sign-lowercase mu-uppercase H with bar-uppercase phi-lowercase phi-approximation symbol-eurosign-schwa-lowercase xi-eszett-uppercase eth-uppercase ash-uppercase Ø-uppercase xi
[18:40] <morwen> how do you spell Beverley HJills
[18:40] <morwen> is it Beverley or Beverly
[18:40] <Bradaphraser> I thought it was Beaverly
[18:40] <Jedravent> No, it's Squiggle deconstructed.
[18:40] <Bradaphraser> interesting
[18:41] <Bradaphraser> well, it's down between json and insinerate, as RC is disqualified for trying to wager a negative number
[18:41] <Jedravent> go back to your scheduled game now
[18:41] <Bradaphraser> thank you for that side not
[18:41] <Bradaphraser> "What I've got in my pocket."
[18:41] <Bradaphraser> that's the answer
[18:41] <jsonitsac> what is $20
[18:41] <rcmurphy> Knife?
[18:41] <rcmurphy> String?
[18:42] <rcmurphy> Handses, or nothing!
[18:42] <Bradaphraser> still waiting for insineratehymn's answer
[18:42] <Insineratehymn> what is cookies?
[18:42] <Bradaphraser> RC wins
[18:43] <Bradaphraser> with his bid of $-25, he's taking me out to dinner
[18:43] <Bradaphraser> thank you all, and good night
[18:43] <Insineratehymn> ok, bye bye

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