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Western Philosophers
Contemporary Philosophy
By day, he is a mild-mannered philosopher...
Name: Friedrich Nietzsche
Birth: October 15, 1844
Death: August 25, 1900
School/tradition: Mustache styling school
Main interests
tap-dancing, going to cat houses
Notable ideas
Socrates The world

Friedrich "Willy the Walrus" Nietzsche was a German philosopher. He was also a good tap dancer and a very snappy dresser. He wrote on the subjects of morality, culture, religion, science, and has the greatest mustache ever[1].

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edit Descent into Insanity

I hate anti-Semites! I hate anti-Semites! I hate anti-Semites! I hate anti-Semites! I hate anti-Semites! Hate! Hate! Hate! Hate!


Anti-Semites are a bunch of poopy!!!!!

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  1. Yes sir, I'd love to ride that.
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