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The UnConstituion is a document written by James Madison near the end of 2006 to resolve a number of disputes between the people of Uncyclopedia.

The UnConstituion

  1. Be funny and not just stupid
    1. Full information on this policy can be found at this page
    2. Do not write vanity articles
      1. This means articles about your friends, family, school, or website
    3. Do not write crap
      1. This includes one-liners, one word articles, and other such trash
    4. All articles here on Uncyclopedia are written to be funny, and articles that are not funny are VFDed or QVFDed
      1. We do not single people out, and you must not take it personally should your article be deleted
    5. Should you ever make an article, do not mindlessly whore it on the village dump
      1. For an example of a malicious article whore from the past, see Powershot dude
  2. Don't be a dick
    1. Full information on this policy can be found at this page
    2. Do not blank articles
    3. Do not vandalize articles
      1. This means adding "PENISPENISPENIS!!!!!!" or "dkjopqwienmlkjshpofijahq!!!" or related garbage to articles
      2. If you do have the urge to vandalize, please take it to Vandalism/example on wheels!
    4. Do not move pages just for the hell of it
    5. Do not insult other users
    6. Do not flame other users
      1. Do not post replies or topics with the intent of making others angry
      2. Do not cause drama
    7. Respect administrative authorities
      1. Choose not to and you will receive their judgment
  3. Uncyclopedia tells things from the "Satirical Point of View"
    1. No article here is to ever be taken seriously
      1. Those who do take an article seriously, they need not complain or demand it to be removed, as we will ignore your demands
      2. An example of one who took this to an extreme is Anonymous Slashy
    2. This is not Wikipedia
      1. There are no facts on here
      2. If you want facts, see True Facts and Other Deleted Prose
      3. Please take note that when writing an article, it is funnier if it is closer to the truth. For more information on this, please see How To Be Funny And Not Just Stupid.
  4. Forest Fire Week Policy
    1. Please take caution that Uncyclopedia has a "Forest Fire Week" from time to time. During this time, Uncyclopedia is placed under martial law and the administrative authority weeds out articles that do not meet the Uncyclopedia Standard of Quality.
    2. Should one of your articles be deleted during this time, politely ask an admin to restore the article to your user space.
      1. Exceptions to this rule are articles of blatant vanity, racism, bigotry, etc.
    3. Special note: this policy is still fairly new, and the implementation of this policy is still disputed by users.
  5. Ban Policy
    1. Full information on this policy can be found at this page
    2. Should you ever get banned...
      1. If you are banned from Uncyclopedia for a time, you must first understand why you were banned. You must then work to never make the same mistake again.
      2. If you are banned for an infinite amount of time, it means you have done something of a highly malicious nature. At this point, you can no longer edit or contribute to Uncyclopedia. If you use proxies to circumvent this, you are violating Uncyclopedia's Terms of Service, and subject to the force of the law.
      3. Continue to use proxy servers in this fashion and we will send Chuck Norris to your residence and personally roundhouse kick you in the face.
  6. Special Admin Guidelines
    1. With great power comes great responsibility
    2. Help out other users if they ask politely
    3. When deleting an article, always give a reason
      1. For deleting articles, an example reason might be "This article is in violation of our vanity policies"
      2. For blocking users, an example reason might be "This user has been blanking pages"
    4. Do not abuse your sysop powers. Abuses of power include:
      1. Blocking users without a reason
      2. Deleting articles without a reason
      3. Do not use your powers to feature a stub on the front page when the voting process was not yet complete
        1. We do not want another incident like Euroipods
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