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edit Linking

edit Push It To The Limit

\lim_{t \to -\infty}t = s \mbox{s = safety} \mbox{t = time}

edit heh music

<music>a a a</music>

edit meh

\sum_{k=n}^k k+14=n+1 \sum_{k=n}^k k+15=n+1

edit review of Thumbsucker (spoilers)

So last night I went out and saw that new movie Thumbsucker. Boy, talk about an unrealistic combination of teenage male stereotypes. Its about a 17 year old who still sucks his thumb. His dad is big guy who was going to go pro in football until he hurt his knee, his mom is obsessed with some celebrity and works in a celebrity rehab center later in the movie, his orthodontist (Keanu Reeves) is more like a spiritual advisor with all his hippy/new age ideas and a dentist's office which looks more like that store Garland Of Letters on south street (or any other yoga store out there).

The kid is on debate team. In one of the beggining scenes, he accidentally agrees with the girl he's supposed to be debating because he likes her. But then a few scenes later it turns out they go out, or are going out, or something. Which is kinda like "..ok" because it seems like they started to build her up as a crush, and then it turns out they go out? Didnt make sense, maybe there was some transition thing I missed, like it was supposed to just be a few weeks later? I dunno, confused me.

Then the kid starts take some ADHD meds and gets really good at debate, and that girl (who he broke up with because he wasnt open enough) ends up quitting debate, and hanging out with the "stoners" she swore off at one point. Later the debate teacher who I assumed was a jerk at the beginning because thats what they made him out to be like ends up letting the boy sleep in the same room as the 3 girls on the team, and then goes and buys them a sixpack?! So he goes from being a jerk, to being a teacher who buys kids alcohol?? wtf.. (ok maybe thats not such a stretch but w/e)

Needless to say the director felt the need to have a gratuitous scene involving 3 teenage girls in boyshorts and bras getting drunk and falling all over each other in a hotel room, because it added so much to the movie, and didnt completly contradict everything it seemed to be talking about. I mean gratuitous scenes like that are ok in cheesy horror films but why even bother trying to make a serious artsy movie if you're just going to make the whole point of the film null and void because you have to throw that in? The kid was all focused from speed (yes ADHD meds are speed) and was a nerd, not the type who drink or smoke (kinda like his gf before she became a stoner) and then suddenly just like that he drinks? I mean later in the movie he gets all worried about trying pot and is nervous about it, but he has no qualms about drinking closer to the begining when he was still a "good boy"?? MAKES NO SENSE! (you dont even want to hear my rants about how alcohol is worse than pot so I wont digress but w/e)

Oh yeah, speaking about gratuitous scenes, right near the beggining when you think the kid is an embarrased loser because he sucks his thumb, he and the girl are walking around the forest and he says "It's hot out". I already knew what was coming, and about then I realized this movie was going to make no sense. "Yeah" she replied. "I think I'll take my shirt off" he says. Since when did he become the suave makeout artist? He was just cowering around sucking his thumb seemingly scared of social interaction. "Ok" she replies. "I think you should too" he says. So needless to say, the director had decided that they would rather film Kelli Garner in a bra than make the plot of the movie consistent. There's nothing wrong with Kelli Garner in a bra any other time, but is it worth sacrificing a movie over?? I dunno. Man that movie got on my nerves. It made no sense!

Actually the best part was Keanu Reeves. He got a bad name in the Matrix, but he can act! Yes, I said it, Keanu Reeves is actually a good actor! He's the only guy who made the movie funny/interesting. Also, as much as the movie annoyed me I wanted to see what happened next, even though I never got lost in the characters to much.

Edit: Ohh, one last thing, I think there were some strange Freudian undertones between the kid and his mom

edit meh

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edit 63.19 Guy

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Good job faggit, u got my IP. Now what are you gonna do with it?

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