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“I don't know him, but if I did, he would fear me...”
~ Chuck Norris on Insanity540
“Wait, if it's a flying smoke monster, couldn't it just fly over that ultrasonic fence they built?”
~ Everyone on Insanity540 [as the smoke monster from Lost.]

edit Insanity540

Born 22 years ago from a volcano in the Australian outback. Originating from the land of wind and ghosts, Insanity540 arose to find the world lacking in chaos and smiled, for this is his purpose.

edit Appearance of Insanity540


Insanity540 guest appears in Lost.

Insanity540 is a actually a metamorphic black smoke monster. He is a star and recurring character in the popular TV show Lost. He has one arm that is entirely made up of metal chain, which produces the strange noises while he moves. He also occasionally spares inhabitants on the island, just to mess with their minds. 80% of the time, he will maul them until they die (Mister Echo).

Insanity540 appeared on on 05/06/2008.

Insanity540 tried to update Panda and CityRail but failed miserably.

Insanity540 then returned out of misguided boredom on 11/11/2008 (Remembrance day in Australia, named after remembering about uncyclopedia).

then for a long time....nothing happened.

edit Interests

  • Chaos
  • Internet procrastination:
  • World domination
  • Blogging stuff that other people have discovered
  • Artistic pursuits
    • Photography
    • Drawing
    • Tying a bucket of paint to a duck

edit Skills

  • Able to control peoples minds, doubly effective when driving and influencing other drivers.
  • Unholy Star Wars, Simpsons, Futurama, Sci Fi knowledge
  • Able to locate images to suit any topic/purpose.
  • Able to quote Simpson's quotes into everyday life.

edit Awards

  • Most likely to invade the Neutral Planet.
  • Rode a bike into a parked car.
  • 10th Level Ninja
  • Level 36 CoD5 Beta Tester
  • Most likely to moonwalk through Sydney in a full Stormtrooper outfit.
    • As inspired by this guy;
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