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“fuckin touhou 8 still has 4 hours left to download”
~ a Touhou fan on a shoutbox
“Is that so?”
~ Rumia on everything
“Women! Get in the kitchen!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Touhou
“Sure, why not?”
~ ZUN on Touhou fanfiction
“Is this heaven?”
~ Rinnosuke Morichika on Touhou
File:Gensokyo Flag.png File:Gensokyo Coat.PNG
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: desu
Anthem: Marisa Stole The Precious Thing
Capital Human Village
Previous capital Hakugyokurou
Largest city Forest of Magic
Demonym Gensokian
Official language(s) Japanese, Engrish
Government Republic
National Hero(es) ZUN
Population 103 girls, 1 guy
Area Nobody cares
Population density (2 per square meter)
Time Zone UTC+8
Ethnic groups Humans, Magicians, Youkai
Major exports Fanfiction
Major imports Hax
National animal Miko
Internet TLD
Calling code 1337
Drives on The answer is neither side, neither side, that's because, that's because: There are no roads in Gensokyo!
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