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General Grievous, Supreme Warlord of the Kaleesh, Supreme Commander of the Droid Armies, Supreme Pervert of Japan, Supreme Player of Ping-Pong, Supreme Player of Guitar Hero, and that's pretty much it...

“This user needs a name.”
~ Captain Obvious on User:Ineedaname
“Hey, wanna name?”
~ Some guy on User:Ineedaname

Hello everybody, I'm Ineedaname. I am not User:I need a name from Wookieepedia so don't compare me with him!!!

edit I Have No Idea What These Are

edit Contributions

I created the following pages:

I contributed to:

edit Stuff

Here's some articles that have some funny stuff but now don't

edit Work Outside Uncyclopedia

  • Wookieepedia: Grievous7318
  • Star Wars Fanon Wiki: Jedi Scum
  • Youtube: fzerofan1378
  • Myspace: Not Telling
  • Facebook: Not Telling

edit See Also

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edit Name Nominations


  1. Don't nominate a name that's been used already, 'kay? Someone might care.
  2. Don't nominate my real name (Pythagoras) because I like to keep it secret.
  3. Don't nominate a shitty name because I would have to live with it forever.
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