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An imaginary picture of Kolkata
Motto: We're not Atlantis!
Civic anthem: আমার ঘটির বাংলা
Settlement Type City and District
Country India
Official nickname Nickname
Official language(s) Bengali, English, Hindi, Urdu, Marwari
Mayor Mayor of Kolkata
Established Before 1690
Re-Established When the wild, hungry bears were banished
Re-Re-Established When the wild, hungry bears were banished...again
Currency Indian Rupee
Hours of Operation When there are no floods!
Dialing code What?
Population Upwards of 40 million

Kolkata or Calcutta (Bengali: ঘটির বাংলা) is the largest city and the capital of the state of West Bengal. It was once the capital of the British East India Company, but due to the Bengalis' overinflated egos, they let it get way over their heads. So the Brits dumped it for Delhi. But Kolkata, however, prevailed into one of the messiest BEST cities in India!

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Not much happened, really. Kolkata was just a swampy mess where Bengalis hung out.

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