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Angers is a French city ... It is the prefecture of the provincial department that touches most other departments (8 departments bordering cons 10 for Seine-et-Marne, but whose existence has never been demonstrated), making it a city particular, nothing at all, but special nonetheless.

The mayor called Jean-Claude Van Daminini.

It straddles the Maine river so still and brown but this is due to the Sarthe, which flows into it.

Its inhabitants are Angérien, Changériens cousins, living has changed in the Mayenne.

edit Demographics

There are approximately 150 000 inhabitants in Angers which is good but not too much, including a bunch of young cons commonly called students who like to drink and sing tunes Angevin (but they are rare (the air)).

The city consists of Anjou and stuffed because of Cointreau, who are mostly middle class people with jeans and slims cigarettes that go with it. The Angevin average fifties and loves the Coteau du Layon. He does not know the others too such as Anjou famous Joachim du Bellay and Eric Tabarly. Just know who is King Rene. If the Angevin is actually a large uneducated alcoholic, the Angevin is no exception. A famous proverb reminds: "Angevin, wine bag; Angevine, bag ...". In the city, we must never forget his pint!

edit Specialties

They are diverse, but we particularly note the Cointreau and Tower Mill (one of the towers of the Castle), which is what the Angers Bridge Bouguenna is to Brest, in other words, a place of pilgrimage for suicidal (indeed Bouguenna Moulin and it rhymes, it's no coincidence). Not for nothing if we go to Angers, to drink and eat ... then throw!

By extrapolation, some non-Angevin uneducated like appropriating the calissons Aix for historical reasons, compared to a certain Rene but still does not know who it is.

There is also the castle of Angers, Anjou that only consider the last castle of the Loire. It is a mistake because it is one of the Maine, and two are much older than the other castles of the Loire.

See also the Cathedral of St. Maurice and its renovation scaffolding (now 8 months out of 12).

edit The City

Angers is one of those cities in which bogus council elects a tram removed by the same municipality but not the same people 40 years earlier. "do and undo it work," but there is at taxpayer expense.

Note also in Angers a substantial number of bars for students listed above, or fifties also cited above. The famous square Rally takes its name from the fact that, for the feast of music, full of people rallied to them like donkeys braying. (during the curls also a festival of street music). Even if it the rallying ... has not taken place since 1789 ... The Angevin believe indeed that cut the lead to Jack language that day in their honor to celebrate the music ... the service of transportation is called the cutter. They recruit their controllers to the FBI and their drivers in social care homes.

Angers is the European Capital of sustainable development. The council did not really know what it is but is still proud. There is also the park's plant under construction on a former airfield and there was a mini moto circuit or drag and thugs who are supposed to attract tourists to Angers.

edit Sports

Angers contains many sports associations like the top level SCO Angers (also called the lift D2-D3), the Ducs d'Angers (no one knows but everyone loves), the Hawks Angers , CBA (analphabaskètes teams), Angers-Noyant (gurgling) or team tennis for the valiant and so on.

The Angevin are very sports until high school or they are passionate about the guitar and Poliakov (or Label 5).

edit How to tell if you're Angevin

Here are some signs are unmistakable:

  • You prefer to annoy you all alone in your car horn, through the fault of too much timidity
  • You laugh at seeing a sign for "Le Mans" (along with Le Mans strong smell ...)
  • You think the council is full of nice people
  • Philippe Brunel, is the class
  • You think your city has the most beautiful castle in France
  • Ice hockey is too much, it should replace rugby
  • At age 54, you still feel student
  • You bought your advanced degree in one of the countless boxes of money to Catholic teaching or not
  • The big Roselyne you seem more beautiful year after year
  • You've noticed that the poster of the movie Hancock is always displayed on the Vendome column near the mall

edit Nationalism

Was there a thousand little longer exists. Are still occasionally to "stage" Jean Bouin (actually Roman ruins of Caesar's time) and the bars on Saturday night.

edit Tourism

So there is the castle of Angers, which houses the famous tapestries of the Apocalypse. Beautiful drapes over 100m long, commissioned by Louis I of Anjou, known for his optimism and joie de vivre. This set of medieval tapestries was killed during the revolution by the sans-culottes. I hide the details of this destruction, just know that the sans-culottes had a grudge against everything that is religious, they were the butt fragile, and that the tapestries were very sweet. They are now happily restored. Although they have lost their luster - and smell - of, you can visit these tapestries in the castle.

  • Note that in the castle of Angers, there is nothing else, because it is composed of empty rooms and cold.
  • Note also that at the end of the trail tourist guides invite you to jump off the cliff of the castle, because shit, it's still the Apocalypse. Plan your schedule accordingly.

Le Chant du Monde, but is very tender ears to hear. Tapestry also where a certain John Lurçat tried to copy the Apocalypse but has succeeded only in rags.

Now you can take the bus which will be stayed only five hours in the city: it is time to leave for Paris where he will have something interesting to visit.

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