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<center>{{Q|Split this baby in two. The upper half stays... take the ass half with you.|King Solomon|his wisdom}}</center>
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Imrealized Presents:
Nonexistent Jedi Musicians! | Republican Intrigue! | Joycean Blabber! | A Cesspoole!
A Missing Messiah? | Darwin! Darwin! Darwin! | An Unholy Rivalry! | Insipidity! | This Thing!
Dead Merkin Scrolls! | Teen Grunge, Too! | Nurse Rancid! | Dr. Stagelove! | An Entire Window Paine!
Now with Stool Softener! | Not TRON! | The Short Bus! | An Effervescing Elephant!

RubberInfinity This user is a citizen of life
...nationality? How quaint.
(Immortal Uncyclopedians)

Words and pictures and shit.


Imrealized, inventor of stencils, spraypaint and structural defacement, really threw the apes off track with this one.

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