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Why the hell are you reading this? It just makes no sense whatsoever. More importantly, how the hell did you get here? You were the little bastard who was peeking out into my bedroom, aren't you? Well guess what, sunny, you'll enter a bloody hell for that...thanks to me. So enjoy your sweet life while you can..cause it won't.

If you're really not that little bastard, then you're still the same litte S.o.b who happened to break my door and creep upstairs. Same thing.

If you're neither of those, then you shouldn't be here (unless you're reviewing the recent changes; then, you're just a plain-old twat). Well, if you've read this far and you weren't one of the previous categories, you're a dolt for still reading it. So stop, exit this window, refresh your screen (Alt-F4 or Ctrl W), and start screaming for the next two days non-stop; then, you can continue.

Now, I know you didn't do it, you little self-censored bastard, huh? Maybe because you should be Dead, eh? So now, I can confirm you're a liar too!

Well, I'm afraid I don't admit liars, so GTFO!

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