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“I never had a chance to use one of these things, although I've heard dropping your soap in one is popular”
~ Oscar Wilde on on Showers

Showers are water based devices commonly used for cleaning and sexual gratification.

edit How they came about

Showers are a relatively new invention which were first introduced in 1914 during World War One after the famous football game between Germany and England on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately David Beckham wasn't brought on until the last ten minutes of play and consequently Germany won the match 3-2. After losing the match the players piled back into their trenches where they were sprayed with water from a hose pipe. The lack of water which came out the hose was described as being similar to a light shower of rain.

edit Evolution of the Shower

Once the war ended, showering became an extremely popular activity. Unfortunately it also resulted in a lot of deaths. While in the trenches the soldiers had no problem with draining the water as it simply soaked into the mud; however with the showering at home being performed in airtight cubicles with no bottom and only a hole at the top, many people drowned.


A modern version of the original shower. The person would be locked inside and water was slowly poured in through the roof. There was a grate just at the top of the contraption, below the hole, which stopped the person's body rising with the water.

Instead of just creating a hole in the bottom of the cubicle the idea of a stand alone shower was temporarily dismissed. In 1924, James Burnett was cleaning his bath using a hose (which was just silly because baths have taps) when he realised that the water from the hose was being drained out through the plug hole of the bath. Installing a bar above his bath he wrapped the hose pipe around it and found that he had created a shower without the risk of drowning. Deciding to keep this to himself it was only in 1930, when he got a girlfriend, that the idea became common knowledge. From this discovery shower cubicles were re-introduced with a draining system installed.

During World War Two, showers were widely banned in Britain due to a lack of water, however as a celebration of the victory they were allowed once again in 1946. To this day shower baths, like the one Burnett discovered, are still used in houses which do not have space for a bath as well as a separate shower.

edit Location of showers

Showers can generally be found in most buildings nowadays but are more commonly seen in: Banks, McDonalds and National Parks. They are still used for cleaning the body but are no longer restricted to just human use.

edit Types of Showers

  • Bidet
  • Wet Room
  • Communal Shower
  • Meteor shower
  • Golden shower
  • Baby Shower
  • Sweet and Shower Showers
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