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                                          THE BRACKET REBELLION 

In 1979, a couple members of the brackets were creating Oscar Wilde quotes when they had a suddent urge to drink Guinness and eat apple pie, they head for the nearest shop in search for the pie and black liquid, they encountered a Corner Shop hp+5 +6 mana , they entered the shop and looked for their desired items, upon learning of the shops lack of their yearned items, they ransacked the corner shop, during the ransacking a broom landed in the Henville's arse, Henville stood up and said " what is that wonderful feeling? ", the other brackets stared at him in dismay, they exited the shop, angered, the brackets sprinted all the way to St. James Gate in Dublin and demanded Guinness, Arthur Guinness rose from the grave to tell them to fuck off, but David shit his pants so Arthur said " fuck this" and went back to the underground, a young Higgins got it bad cus im brown an not the other colour so police think, they have the authority to kill a minority, fuck that shit cus i aint the one for a punk motherfucker with a badge and a gun to be beatin on, and thrown in jail, Oscar got raped in the middle of a sale. When Arthur Guinness returned to his tomb, the Brackets were very pissed off and so began rioting, during the rioting Ryan had several operations to his voice box, and stephen finally had his mic fixed, during which the Guinness Company thought this was all too retarded and made an offer to the Brackets, they would give them Guinness and apple pie if they could get 1 hour each with Oscars sister, all the Brackets agreed, including the Henville because he didnt understand what they meant. The Brackets had their Guinness and apple pie and ended the rebellion within 5 minutes of starting, i know they wanted Guinness and apple pie but wtf were they rebelling against? anyway this concludes the story of The Great Bracket Rebellion of 1979. The Brackets now reside in Western Europe, one half in the Republic of Ireland, the other half in The United Kingdom, reason being because Brackets live forever and they all lived together until some retard had the great idea of shovelling a huge trench around wales and Cornwall, (i didnt give wales a capital letter because they dont deserve recognition) which cause the other side of the trench to break off and began floating left, out towards the atlantic, Ireland is really a luxury cruiser with nuclear weapons hidden underneath it which will detonate when the cruiser reaches the United States.

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