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edit Article I'm keeping and fixing "human-animal hybrid



Human-animal hybrids are creatures that were somehow born into this world half human, half any animal. Before this article discloses any facts about these freaks, there are some things that should be known about them

  • Being half human, the males are always ready to have sex, so stay the fuck away from them.
  • They are capable of emotion, so therefor should have the same rights as a leper.
  • If they don't have down syndrome, which most do (see below) they are able to kill you.
  • Doing it with them is considered beastiality, but you already know that, and don't care.
  • You might be one (see below).

edit Origin


You know you did it you sick bastard.

The origin of the human-animal hybrid dates back to the year 69 A.D. when <insert name here> had quick pasty sex with a lion, thus giving birth to lion-boy, who was very popular among the kids, until he tried fucking everybody. He was then banished to live with the lepers, whom he was also popular with (it's because he had sex with them). This and his previous popularity caused a demand for more, so people started doing animals for more hybrids.

edit Conditions of human-animal hybrids


A common human-animal hybrid.

Human-animal hybrids began to increase in population quickly, and like all fads and pets, fucking kids got tired of them and sent them out in the desert to live with the lepers. This pissed them off, because when trying to mate, they often killed the lepers making it so that almost all of them had to inbred, this led to many physical and mental defects; including but not limited to:

edit The not Uglies


You might be tempted, but don't

If inbreading has not occured then human-animal hybrids might not be ugly, they might even be considered hot. This may be true, but they are still half animal, and that is beastiality and that is nasty as all hell, but Flavor Flave doesn't think so. What you must also remember is that they can kill you, so still don't do it. If you do roll that way though, don't make them mad.

edit You might be one

Considering <insert name here> has been doing it, since 69 A.D., it is quit possible that you are one, it is that it doesn't show up phsyically. Here are some ways to tell if you are one:

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