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I am stupid(o)

This user is an anti-Texan
And is a suspect of terrorism
(List of other anti-Texans)

Monbags This user is POOR,

has never passed GO,

and never collected $200.00.

Brain This user's IQ is -37.

Pi3.14 This user loves pi

JapaneseToiletBidet This user is a toilet! In Soviet Russia, toilet urinates on YOU!!

Deadbarney3 This user believes Barney is evil and therefore must die.

Template:User Aspolde

Kid1 This user seriously needs to calm down.

Mr rubber ducky This user has been approved by Mr Rubber Ducky, have you?

Right about now, this user is a funk soul brother.

Template:User Seizure

Alex 08:26, 2 September 2007 (UTC)

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