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“In Soviet Russia, YOU break the products from China!”
~ Russian Reversal on products from China
“The instuctions are always in Chinese”
~ That guy that just walked past on Instruction manuals

China page

and also 葫芦岛市 中心地理方 位 为东经 北纬 地处辽宁省西 南部邻锦州 西 接山 海关,南临渤 海辽 东湾,与大 案连、营口、秦皇 岛.青 岛等市 构 成环渤海经 济圈, 扼关内外 之 咽喉,是 中国东北 的 西 大门,为 山海关 外 第一市。 现辖 市辖区,县级市,县。市辖区:龙港、南票、连山区 连山。县 级市兴城县 绥中建昌 县建 昌。

So therefore always trust chinese products.

But there is a downside. Some products from China are good and sexy. :)

Filipina hottie

One of many mass-reproduced in China. As its population grows so do these.

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