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Minidragon WAR LING!
This page was a crater by a speech recognitions programme!
Radio Mic

Dragon NaturallySpeaking as the market leader of the decks stop speech recognition. It is designed to run on Windows, but has also been shown to run under Linux using software emulation.

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The box over there is glitchy.----> Ignore it for now!

NaturallySpeaking super imposes on top of other software. Dictation temporarily appears in a floating results box as words a spoken, and when a pause for breath is taken, the program will essentially transcribe or paste the words into the location of the curse of.

Like other speech recognition software, NaturallySpeaking has three primary areas of functionality. Dictation, whereby a spoken languages transcribed had written text; commands that take control, whereby a spoken languages recognised as a command to click widgets (controls); and finally text-to-speech whereby written text is convoluted to synthesised audio stream. It has to be trained for approximately 10 minutes to recognise the user's voice.

edit Version 0.000001

Runs on Windows BC and Windows 3.1. It can hardly run on any Mac operating system Orem Linux (it would damage the delicate structure of the system as though it was a card tower. Although don't take me wrong, card towers can be stronger sometimes).

edit Version seven

This is fully onethousandthreehundredandthirtyseven. It is so easy to. Bottle ball along long bomb long Pol Pot got creative shown Australia survey supercomputer. And the program can understand you very well. It has never puts in random words which you didn't say. They're also sobbed versions in versions of seven. There is a program for doctors, lawyers, teachers, and something else which I forgot, and if there is that program for ordinary dimwits (like you and me).

edit Usefulness

None. Not at all. This program is useful in zero way as. Don't buy it, don't even think about buying it. Think about buying a blade of grass for $10,000 before buying this. The complete uselessness and bad graphics of this game really slumped. They slumped as much as you. Also, think about buying a blade of grass for $10,000 before buying this. Please either of you do not buy this. It is really can't understand what USA. Really, think about buying a blade of grass for $10,000 before buying this, even if it is for charity. Also, think about donating to Wikipedia before you buy this. Please don't buy it, please is!!!

edit Some useless facts about a useless program

  • Recommended retail price: I done no, but I bought it for 500 box.
  • Size and sheep: 10 centimetres squared, disk shaped 10cm^2 with a circumference of three metres and at diameter of two millimetres. Or more simply 1.08GB.
  • This program is great at understanding your speaking
  • People and aliens alike, think about buying a blade of grass for $10,000 before buying this.
  • No more facts here.
  • Or here.

edit Advantages

See usefulness.

edit Disadvantages

Sometimes as you are talking through the microphone and you forget to turn it off, you can hear what a person is saying to... No, not to bed now. Can't you wait just 10 minutes while I finish this article, and use this web site as a blog for my own purposes. Hey, Bob! Please go back into the deepest darkest depths of my brain, let me finish my conversation with this girl, explaining how I want to use this web site as a blog for my own purposes and continue writing this article. Now, where was I? Oh shit! Meh, why should I reach for my backspace key when I have a microphone next to my mouth. I can delete it by talking! I am soooo smart. What do you mean you don't like smart guys. I'm not smart as in nerd smart, just better than everyone else. I mean I'm not as nerdy as to write articles on Uncyclopedia. Okay, now back to deleting. Backspace paragraph. Delete it all. Come on, work. What do you mean incorrect command? Now I have to reach to the backspace key. RRRRRRRRRR! Ow, my finger. Dammit. Baby, can you call a hospital? What do you mean you don't like weak guys? No, don't leave. Noooooooooo... I only had one chance and I blew it, FUCK! Back to finding a runescape girlfriend. Damn, now I can't delete that all. As I was saying, you can hear what a person is saying to other people.

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