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“You're reading this page.”



~ Oscar Wilde on why anyone would ever capitalise 'lol'

Do not press the f***in' button

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Next time, you bring the pie.


It looks like you're reading this page. Need any assistance?

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No one else here reads WWN, does they? Aw, well. Long live Bat Boy!!

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[edit] Hello Shityy Aceholes Who Actually Thinkl That uncyclopedia is funny, there is nothing funny about racism toward the jews or any other race. although I must admit that you guys are a lot better than those shit eating, child molesting fags at encyclopedia dramatica, you are still a bunch of immature obnouxius drug sniffing aceholes. And you guys and those as sniffing, child molesting, shit eating, aceholes at encyclopedia dramatica think That having aspergers syndrome or any other form of autism is a big joke? I have Aspergers syndrome you stupid ugly little drug addicted, child molesting child raping, ace suckinbg, jewish hating little "all american" Pricks! Anyone likes to make fun of people lioke me who has Aspergers syndrome is an insecure self loathing little pussy who to put down someone else to feel better about their friendless, drug addicted, anerexic, their own parents are fucking dissap-ointed in them, need to just jump off a bridge and diue, selves. Their jealous because people, like me, who have aspergers syndrome are more rational, more intelligent, more sensitive, and all around just more likeable than those insecure, friendless, druyg addicted, anerexic or obese, bullieish, hateful, racist, their own parents can't stand the dissapointment that they are, selves. And you can't justm keep sayingI did it for the lulz. That is absolute bullshit! That mis just the excuse of an obnoxius hateful cowardly little bully who wants to offend decent people and spread hatred all around to peo0ple of different sexes, races, countries, ect.

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