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Hello, aspiring math students! I hope you enjoy my math-definitions series on the internet.

Functional iteration is the topic of this page.


When I was a child, my mother would sometimes take me to the fairgrounds. Though I was perhaps timid at first, I began to like it and the food that I was allowed to eat, and I eventually became less embarrassed when my diapers had to be changed. It was good to have something to talk about when my seventh grade teacher asked the class what we did over the weekend, since otherwise I would probably have just tried to kill myself , masturbate, crawl around, finger my cat, or examine my feces or do math. I'm pretty sure you have all had these experiences. There was one teacher that never put me in anxious situations wherein I was forced to speak about my going-ons to my peers. Obviously, it was my math teacher. I can see his wrinkly, beautiful face before me now. His name was Mr. Snider, and he liked to do math, just like me. He did not share my interests in fecal examinations or crawling, but he did with spying on neighbors.


If I had any real friends, this is what I looked like.

One day I asked him what sine of sine of x would look like with respect to x. He explained. Thus began my quest into the realm of functional iteration.


I was in Mr Snider's bedroom one day, and he explained the concept to me. Let's say we have a function f(i), which gives the number of fingers f that Mr. Snider puts in my anus for a given initial number of fingers i. f(i)=i^2-1, Mr. Snider explained. "Now let i=2," he said, and I got on my hands and knees. He jammed two fingers in my ass repeatedly. After he was satisfied and my anus was burning he began the function. "f(i)=i^2-1=2^2-1=3." Mr. Snider took 3 fingers and did the same thing, this time causing some bleeding. I screamed and bit my hand in pain. Then he took out his fingers and made me lick them. Then he began the iteration. "f(f(i))=f(i^2-1)=(i^2-1)^2-1=i^4-2i^2=16-8=8," he explained. He inserted all fingers except for his thumbs. My anus tore at the edges. It burned so much I puked. He took me to the hospital afterwards.


The domain and range of a function must be equivalent in order for the function to be iterated.


Fuck-shit-hell bitch-turd-gay-shit


Function iteration, Mathworld

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