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  • This article is about the band My Chemical Romance. If you want the book click here My Chemical Romance. If you were looking for something less entertaining wikipedia also has an article about My Chemical Romance.

The Anarchical Separatists of Unamerica
[[Image:|200px|The Unamerican World Map]]
Motto: "Divided They Sit"
Flag Unamerican-flag 1
Population Pretty much every body with an STD
Area Vast Tracts of Land... and some ocean too
Form of Government Absolute Communist Anarchist Empire
Capital Ton Ing Wash (roughly translates as "Some Cool Place")
President Hubs .W Egroge, The Absolute King of The Communist Party of Unamerica
Currency Rallods,Tnecs
Language Something awful and foreign, with far too many consonants
Imports Stuff, Rap Music, Xbox 360, Corn dogs, Whores
Exports Drugs, Social upheaval, drugs, Freedom killing Time Bombs, drugs, SWEET Sweet Oil!, PLAYSTATION 3, Nintendo, Coffee, Soccer, Condoms Did I mention drugs? No? Ok, drugs. Like, I mean, here you go: drugs. Yes the word. There you have it. Drugs, yes. Ok, I should really stop typing now. That's it...

Gerard Way of MCR has read this article, and is approved for use by all emo people.

“Emo is what you get when Punk and Grunge have an illegitamate love child, and send it to live with pop.”
~ You on Emo Music
“Emo music sucks. And is Gerard a man or a woman? Seriously, all emos look the same!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Emo Music

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