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"It is better to be right than to be president"-Henry Clay on losing the election for the 30th time.

“It is better to be right than to be president”
~ Henry Clay on Failing to be president for the nth time
“Henry Clay's quote about being president smacks of LOSER”
~ Oscar Wilde on Henry Clay
“Henry Clay is the epitome of feminimity, just like I am the epitome of masculinity”
~ Janet Reno on Henry Clay being a loser
“Henry Clay makes me look like less of a loser”
~ William Jennings Bryan on Henry Clay being a loser

edit Born a Loser

Henry Clay was born in 1666 A.D. in the state of Kansas, to two ordinary losers. He was the Speaker of the House for many years. He also formed the "I Hate Andrew Jackson party, better known as the Whig Party.

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