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edit I hate Wikipedia

They take themselves seriously even though they're the joke of the Internet. I came here mainly to poke fun at them, but while I'm here I'll be funny elsewhere as the opportunity presents itself.

edit I hate Jimmy Wales

The founder of Wikipedi is a cunt, it says so on wikipedias own wiki cunt page, take a look

I was told to fix my bio on the wikipedia because the editors were volunteers and said they had no time.I told the editors I was not good on the internet as I am over 60 yrs old. When I did edit my bio as requested I was removed.All info was supported by contracts,publications,film and music credits. People involved wrote to confirm that what was added was true. How wonderful it would be if the Wikipedeia team could be professionals and not volunteers. Cherie Nutting (manager of The Master Musicians of Jajouka led by Bachir Attar)

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