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Ivan the Viking
Member of the Order
“Pucker up 'n kiss my sky high Kraut-Yank white ass.”
~ IViking on Prozac.
~ IViking on Vicodin.
“Uh-oh! PLEASE! Not in front of my mother!!”
~ IViking on Viagra.

Medal of IViking

Ivan the Viking, (Born J.T. Eckert, May 14, 1990) also known as iViking or his Username, IViking, was born and raised in Underground Indiana. He is German-American, and will someday be recognized as a badass.

edit Bio

IViking was born on the afternoon, in a hospital, as a late Mother's Day present. Happy Mother's Day!! Here's a healthy baby boy! The mother, Becky, was impatient on getting this goddamn kid out of her and she quoted to his doctor to keep him from leaving her, "Oh no you don't, you bastard! WE'RE HAVING THIS BABY!!"

The bastard slipped out of mommy's vagina at 12:30 P.M. EST.

IViking, who expressed unusual behavior, was tested positive for and was diagnosed with the Autism, Assburger's Syndrome.

Recently fired at Rally's (19 months)

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