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FROM: Sergeant Rutledge
Year 2012 December 21,

Mickey Mouse now leader of Disneyland decided to expand it's territory by declaring war on the U.S. First it lauched an assault on Seattle to kill "Carly", with the city under siege the U.S Military retailiates by sending in infrantry and vehicles through an airborne drop, But Mickey's forces installed AAGuns in the city. The paratroopers were dropping like flies. The United Nations sended troops via Land vehicules stop the AA fire but failed to, The surviving soildiers told the enslaved citizens of Seattle to Fight along with them.

As of 12:00 o' Clock AM The military launched another assault on the city, bringing with them battalations of M1A1's, attack helicopter's, and artillary to bring an end to the evil rat. The battle rages in the streets of Seattle with explosions, artillary fire, machine guns, and flak cannons firing in the air. It's 4:57 O' clock AM The U.S grip of the city is half way from winning it. As The second line of defence on Mickey's Tower about to be broken.

Mickey flee's on Dumbo away from the battle. The city of Seattle is free from Micky's reign of terror. And there I was with my squadmates cheering through the city the war is over. Little Tommy asked "So grandpa how did you survive the The Drop from the plane"? to which I replied I just stood in the plane until I got back to the base. "Grandpa, so how did you know about the second assault"? and I replied truthully to the kid that I was part of it, and that's how I got my legs blown off. my real legs. "So Grandpa lets go get your steel legs fixed!!" as his dad was there. But the real grief came when he asked "Micky is dead right grandpa?!" (His father just stays quit) (He is still alive).

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