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The Autistic farmers in Nairobi are similar to other farmers in Nairobi, with the exception that they are Autistic. They are also similar to other autistic farmers, except they live and/or operate in Nairobi, a city in the land-locked country of Kenya. Few farmers can truthfully make the claim that they operate in the Kenyan capital. And even less can make the claim they are autistic. Autistic farmers in and around the area of Nairobi are known to produce a wide variety of produce; however, they are often neglected by the mainstream media.

edit About

Surprisingly, there are a large amount farmers outside of the immediate area of Nairobi, autistic or otherwise. However, there are significantly less inside the city; this is due to the fact that it is largely impractical. However, this is universally regarded as a seperate field of research. For many years, both autistic and neurotypical farmers in Nairobi have suffered long-term abuse. Some of them are pre-judged as being poor, regardless of their stance on the autism spectrum. There has been a lot of controversy between those who can be classified as autistic farmers in Nairobi. People with Asperger's Syndrome may or not be counted as Autistic farmers in Nairobi.

suiagricolakenyaologists (Direct latin for "Autistic Kenya Farmer Researches", or, more directly, "Autistic farmer Kenyan-ologists") have long since found this a difficult part of their research to tackle. Some have said that they do not, and should be classed into a different field of research. Others say that it could also count as being a vital part of suiagricolakenyaoloism, as it also counts as being on the autism spectrum. It has been put into question as to whether or not the title would apply exclusively to Black people, or if white autistic farmers located near the Kenyan capital will be discriminated against. Other notable people of this ethnicity include Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Will Smith and Samuel L. Jackson. However, none of those persons are autistic. Or farmers.

edit In popular culture

  • In the 1955 film Safari, several farmers of Sub-Saharan African descent can briefly be seen in the background. However, it is not known whether or not if any of them were non-neurotypical. Some argue that this is not the case, due to the point that they have no dialogue, this may be symbolic of impaired social interaction. Others have made the claim that the director, a caucasian British man called Terence Young, was at some point an autistic farmer in Nairobi and he wished to show their plight by intentionally neglecting these characters. Others have said that they were not real autistic farmers who live in the vicinity of the area of Nairobi, but just actors who were hired by the director to portray farmers who live in the country of Kenya.
  • In the 1985 film Out of Africa, several black people were also seen at multiple points in the film. However, the debate wages on as to whether or not they were locals who worked on plantation prior to or after filming, and if so if they suffer a neurological disorder. According to some historians of the motion-picture, one of the actors of these background characters was socially-awkward so he may have possibly been in one of the higher stages of the autistic spectrum. Sadly, we may never know for certain.
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