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“the olimpics are gay”
~ me on the olimpics

'Tesla coil is devcie for paedohpile. It wasinvemnted in 2,322,535,8823,132,52,3.14159 B.C.E. by Niccolo "i'm the muthaflippin rhymenoseris" Tesla and Steve Balmer. i had a Tesla coil in my Basement, which my friend Mike DOber (he's a faget) made, until it was kitten huffing by my sister, who broke it, when she spiled nail pollish on it, i was super pised of at her, and then Chuck norris rondhouse kicked her into a pile of condoms

edit Mike dober is really cool though

      • HEY JASON GETOFF MY CONMPUTYERsorry my sister wrote that, shes in junur high so shes not verry smart, not like the TEsla coil, which is you have too be smart to read abotit, sorry about this articul, but i Think it's funny and if u dont then FUCK U MOTHAFUCKA!!!''' SO ANYWAYS, THE tESLA cOIL WAS INVENMTED By (sorry for the capslock i think mny computer is brokin or maybe it's just a faget0 oscar wild when he was, having sex (with a ciggar) with his dog, woh was also his uncle!!! then solid snake was like HUH? and jermaine and brett from flight of the concords jumped out and killed him 9Oscar) and that saved the world somheow

edit ways to use a tesla coil=

put it on ur desk and don't let ur sister come in you rroom!!!!

put it in ur bong and huff it i dont do drugs tho

giveit to The ROck and ask him how stacy keebler was last night, if you can brrow her

buy a monkey

GET IN MAH BELLY!!! (fat bastard used the tesla coil that way, from Ostin Powers)

give it to that guy Chuck norris whose awesom {C|no hes not really awesome, hes like ten hundred yers old)}}

or u could throw it in the olimpics like that thing you hold and spin around and throw at the olimpics, to see how far it went??

edit Tesla coil

its a coil that was invennted in AT LEAST 3000000000000000000 A.D. by bender from futerama (sp?)and his ARMY OF EVIL ROBOT MONKEYS!!!!1111!, just so they could all goback in time, and give it to Mike Dobersome gay guy, and then my sister had to BROKE THE TESLA COIL(thanks heather!!!!!(ovius sarcasm)


  • BOOM*!!


sorry about this articul its kinda gay

oh yeh i forgot to mention it wasnt realy a tesla coil it was just a Thing we found, behind raleys. the olimpics suck

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