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A blank page. Enter Gouncyclopedia, a seven year old boy with a red crayon. He sketches three characters from one of his favorite after-school cartoons and begins to narrate their dialogue in a funny voice.

No one in particular: GOKU YOU SUCK!

Raditz: Well, well, well. You're a little more foolish than I thought!

Enter a walking penis. The penis looks confused that these two lines had nothing to do with one another.

Goku:: Just shut up, and give me my son back!

Raditz: It isn't that easy!

Raditz begins to rapidly punch Goku and an unintroduced character named Piccolo. Goku and Piccolo keep missing. What they keep missing is unclear.

The penis facepalms, a task made difficult by the fact that he is a penis and thus has neither face nor palms.


Penis: ICU'ed!!!

Enter seven hot nurses named Tiffany. The Tiffanies pick up the crudely-drawn cartoons and attach them to life support.

Gouncyclopedia: Hey, what the crap??! It's my UnScripts! It's not like anyone was going to read it; I was just bored!

Penis: Well, I read it.

Tiffany #4: Wow, that's a nice penis you... are.

Penis: Thank you.

A Jew enters.

Jew: I agree with the penis.

A limey enters.

Limey: I also agree with the penis.

Tiffany #3: You guys really love the penis, don't you?

The limey adjusts his pants.

Jew: Well, now that that's all settled...

A bright flash of light. The crudely drawn cartoon characters, medical equipment, and Tiffanies vanish into thin air. Gouncyclopedia runs away crying.

Limey: Well, all's well that ends well.

This fucking yak bursts out of the ether, musk all over the place.

Jew: Ahhh! My brachialis radial!!

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