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This page, is a page, I wrote the page for the expresssed purposes of writing the page to piss Gerry.

Gerry furious is an proofrader excellnt, for purposes notwithstands to repaired the speling and grammer of every most page that, when he foud it appropriate, to repair by way of goes through the page, every page, to serch for any misused word or phase or malaproposim or other malady of action that this pege coudl succumb to, and insofar as this is two of his job as an Uncyclopedier, the other, of course, being the pee review, notwithstanding that that that should nto be confused with a refiew of pee, Gerry reads those pages in order to effectuate the making in order for the Unccllopedia to be clearer and more pristine and straightwforward and understandable and clearer and gooder and also to eliminate, by way of his proofreading skills exceptionalle, to remove any excess verbiage or irregular or unwanted grammar or spells that are not appropriate by way of standard english as Specified by the MLE, and rather, as part of the course of his ordinary and everyday duties and various and sundry tasks and such, in removing such unnecessassary cruft by which I mean English mistakenly used in a way less than normelly considered proper or good or worthy, for to take, basically, somthing written in an incorrect or substanderd way and bring it to Uncyclopediar standards, is his job (one could say; although obviousyl he is not recompensed or -imbursed for said work, nor dose he keep reguler hours, but one could nonetheless say that his has signed up to essentially take pages that are not written according to what one would expekt in terms of proose and possibly formatting, but really formatting seems to be outside the ambit of the outside the ambit of the prooferaders service so probably we're just discussing and speaking of the prose at this point, and really the grammar, although usually, when grammer is refered to, we're really talking about usage as it would be defined as opposed to grammer by a linguist and then basically just make it look right.

As I am constantly in having brilliant ideas, and all I lack to expressed those ideas is a little bit of minor review of my rammar and my abilities to type and sometimes I used tense incorrectness and replaced or replacing nouns with adjectives by way of misassigning a suffix, but except for these minour defects in the characteriazation of my explication that is how I set forth my snetences, the ultimately the message behind the written things I write while I am writing as it were are exseptionally funny and brilliant and cool and good.

Therfor if yow would be a sport Gerry and see to it that this pege looks righth I will mouve it to mainsapace post-haste and together we will have collaborated on the greatestest ariticle on Uncyclopedian histories despite the fact thatn when I referring to it as a "collaboration" I mean the ultimate brilliance tying together then article on my own bhelalf is my property alne and belongs to me; and, in fact, your only contribution is one of a nerd who putes my ideas into a context where they can be more smoothly red by my audiences; your function; as you can see, is the approximate equivalentlent to a cylindar of Astroglide.

Tortoise fleeing orange mystical the rhyme the sunset motel when ate and most greatest solely soliloquy Markston.

Very Truly Yours,

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