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DONKEY.BAS is a 1981 nearly-photorealistic single-player 2D driving game in which the main goal is to avoid hitting a donkey. The game gets progressively harder, until it is nearly impossible. By this point, however, most players have fainted of exhaustion and almost exclusively computerized simulations of the game have successfully completed it. It was written by Bill Gates and a team of several others and was included in the MS-DOS operating system. Although it was simply written as an example of the BASIC computer language, it has gained a major cult following worldwide.

edit Rules

Althogh complex, DONKEY.BAS has a stone-set ruleset that must be followed in order to play:

  • Hit the space bar to switch lanes
  • Avoid donkeys

edit Simplified ruleset explanation

If the above rules are too complicated for you to understand, the rules can be simplified to the following extent:

  • Hit the space bar to switch lanes in order to avoid donkeys

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