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Military Action, noted as MA in this article, can include a number of activites from divorce to edit wars on Wikipedia. But in all cases, MA is an action where one party performs an action that causes harm, annoyance, or a lack of welfare money to another party. This is especially common in poverty-stricken areas where militant feminists file divorce suits against their (ex-)husbands.

edit Divorce as a Military Action

Often, a feminist decides that her husband is not an adequate slave, (or, in polygamist societes, her husbands are not adequate slaves). The end result is a divorce suit, in which the feminist claims that all of her husband's possessions rightfully belong to her. The judge is usually selected from a list of single-parent welfare recipient list by former president Bill Clinton and his secretaries.

Of course, a judge such as this has no other thought than to side with the radical women, taking the man's life work from him in the name of "fairness".

edit Conservatism as a Military Action

As Conservatives save our nation through supply-side economics, it is generally considered an MA by the Left. The reasoning is this:

  1. Removal of welfare forces people to get off their fat ass and work for once.
  2. As people work, they form secret armies known as Unions.
  3. The Unions create arms deals with terrorist groups (often including the feminist (ex-)wives and the single-parent, welfare recipient judges).
  4. These deals lead to tying agreements between the UAW and Hama, Hezbollah, Syria, Libya, and Iran.
  5. These groups then assault the United States and Israel.

edit War as a Military Action, but not really

Many people wrongly consider war (or any sort of armed conflict) an MA. This is generally foolish because war is simply one dictator expressing his (not her) opinion of another. It's sort of like writing an opinion column, using guns.

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