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Popeeyebeams This user is a complete, irredeemable Kremling. He/she/it is Bat Fuck Insane, and deceives at the Kremling.

“Who the f#*& is this guy?”
~ Oscar Wilde on Hybasuku
“I'm Captain Obvious!”
~ Captain Obvious on the obvious (obviously)
“I'm a sheep raper.”
~ Hybasuku on himself

Whiz-comics-N1 jpg This user is a comic book geek. This user has in encyclopedic knowledge of people in masks, capes and tights. No matter what comic universe those characters belong in.

This user is a boy and is made of slugs, snails and puppy dog tails.

Linky This user is a Hyrulean warrior. This user has defeated many monsters. They have defeated the mighty Gannon.WARNING: They WILL steal your rupees if you have pocketed them.

edit Sheeps are Not Safe

Hybasuku was born to Joel Schumacher and a spork. At an early age Hybasuku raped 20 sheep and a hamburger. At the age of 0 1/2 Hybasuku had the power to mind rape a vegetarian burrito in the tomato. Several clones of Elvis shot each other repeatedly in the head after getting raped by mind-controlled cushions. No one could stop Hybasuku's raping abilities not even the president who actually enjoyed the mind rapes. Sheep where the only animals physically raped and eaten. Once in a while the Justice Leauge would try to stop Hybasuku only to by spanked, raped, and thrown into a tank of ectoplasmic urinated pie juice from a sheep's rectum. Batman was the only one invincible to the rape so was instead spanked, and shot in the crotch. At the early age of 5 Hybasuku started the Club of Evil Doers Club: Sheep Edition #2. Sheep where not pleased that even more 4-99 year olds were mind raping them. After about 10 years Hybasuku got STDs and decided to now rape Martians to cure his broken mind-genetalia. One day on Mars Hybasuku (Now "NattheCatastrophicWhore") met a puppy named Cowballs. Cowballs was used in Nazi propaganda and also liked to eat cow testicles (hence the name). Hybasuku save Cowballs from the Chinese and sporks. They became best friends. It took 5 months for his mind to get restored. Now Hybasuku and Cowballs rape sheep, hamburgers, peanuts, forks, Satan, Bill O' Reilly, and Uncyclopedia.

You have been WARNED...

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