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The Holocaust was a compromise between two Nazi party leaders: Hitler, who wanted to kill all 12 million Jews, and Rabbi Ari David ben-Joshua bar-Moses Raviv, who wanted to kill only 0 Jews. After a long and drawn out debate, they decided the best way to move forward was to kill exactly 6 million Jews, no more, no less. After adopting a campaign of "DEATH TO MOST JEWS", Mr Raviv moved to America where he began making commercials for Saturn.

Most historians now agree that anti-Semitism was invented by Martin Luther after eating a poorly cooked kosher bagel in a Jewish deli in 1528. This inspired him to write a book called “On the Jews and their Lies” which was devoted entirely to ridiculing contemporary kosher cuisine. Hitler rose to power on the 400th anniversary of the bagel incident, and his rallying cry “Remember the bagel! Jews must die!!” provided motivation for moderate Nazis to continue their killing during the most painful moments of the Holocaust.

Famous Jews

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