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Cquote1 The beginnings of the cold winter of '06 saw the first stirrings of the conflict that would go on to become known as "The Great Aspie War". Cquote2
Drnotank This user is exceptionally good at flaming idiots who desperately deserve it. Their oversized egos are his cordwood.
Jsbach-bass This user plays bass, because it attracts groupies without the need for excessive rehearsal time.
BS This userpage is bullshit.
MontyPythonFootLeftSmall This user is from Camelot,
and eats ham and jam and spamalot!
Cannabagreen This user is Canadian
..and actually admits to it!
(List of Canadian Uncyclopedians)
Geek This user is a geek.
Angrygod This user hates religion and is a sinner through and through!
Hummingruby This User knows the truth about hummingbirds and will not rest until the lies have been dispelled.

750px-High voltage warning.svg No user serviceable parts inside.

Mad scientist caricature This user is a Mad Scientist.

Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow! Meow meow meow meow! MEOW!
\m/ This user is a metalhead, prone to wearing offensive shirts and headbanging to really loud music. Metalheads also have long hair, but are not to be confused with hippies.
Gefahrensymbol F This user enjoys indiscriminate pillaging.
The Worst Part of Censorship This *bleep* user likes to *bleep* the use of *bleep* *bleep* profanity *bleep*
Gefahrensymbol F This user is a pyromaniac.

MagicWand.jpg This user wishes they were an admin. Please grant them their wish.
Hanshaketiny This user is a member of the Welcoming Committee, because no other Committee would take them.

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