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Jew baiting consists of putting something Jews love somewhere to attract them. Then you can catch them and get three wishes, or even trick them into revealing where their bearer bonds are!

Some good things to use as bait are:
1. Barbara Streisand
2. Non-Jewish women (only catches male or lesbo Jews)
3. A knish (what? Knishes are good!)
4. Instructions on how to take over the world and control the media that will actually work
5. Adolf Hitler with his dick in a guillotine that has a big red button that says "PUSH"
6. Magical de-jewifier ray gun (also known as the WASPinator SGX)
7. Total air superiority.
8. Pork, a room with no windows, a garbage can, and mouthwash toothbrush and toothpaste.
9. An apology from Jesus.
10. Jesus, converted back to Judaism, admitting that he just had too much to drink at that party.
11. A gate to a parallel universe where the native Americans were originally located in the middle east, and the palastineans were originally located in the USA.
12. A casino and a million dollars in chips.
13. Some fish - halibut, trout, salmon, whatever - just fucking anything but nasty-ass gefilte fish.
14. A loaded Colt 45, and pad and paper to write suicide note.
15. A loaded Colt 45, and the guy who wrote this article up against a wall, tied to a post, blindfolded.
16. A penny.
17. A petition for the removal of trains from the major European railway lines.
18. Compound interest.

19. 1 pound of Antonio the Merchant's flesh.

20. A note from God saying pork products are a-ok now.

21. A free shower

22. Catnip

What else would be good jewbait? Lots of stuff! For instance,

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