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edit Interesting Wikis (I didn't say I liked them or agreed with them, I said they were interesting) (something for everybody) (I don't know). (tv) (Transformers) (A wiki concerning the former "Children of God" group) Muppets. Superman. Brickfilms=movies made with lego bricks. (Trek trek trek trek trek trek trek trek!) (everyone's a little bit racist . . . sometimes . . . .(Avenue Q)). (Now if only we could choose to live in one of the alternative histories. . .) (join this wiki, and learn how to finally be able to say there's old money in your family) (return all those "borrowed" words!) (a man who should have lived longer) (I don't know. Crazy) (How do they draw that fast?) (I stink) (I like potatoes) (Info for commedians. What's up with that?) (comics comics comics comics comics) (watch sausage being made!) (constitution city) (More cartoons. Yay!) (mob rule) (are you depressed?) (directions on how to get out of the steam tunnels) (I flunked out of the electoral college) (Yet more cartoons) (You cannot be told what this wiki is. You must be SHOWN) (video games are almost as awesome as cartoons!) (this looks cool also) (WOPR:Would you like to play a game?) (HR parody) (you can do what you wanna do . . .. ) (James Bond is even cooler than cartoons and video games!) (I like lettuce) (funky) (law) (lego) (self explanatory) (yay!) (dunno what this is) (we're all stars now . . . . in the dope show!!) (more comics) (not Karl) (muppets rule!) (nudism) (narnia) (NYC) (Nick nick nick nick, nick nick nick nick . . . Nickelodeon) (More video games (and playing cards!)) (go there and beat them up. They won't fight back) (more comics!) (this wiki sucks, but Pink Floyd rules, so here it is anyway) (I want one of these, but I'm broke. . . I used to play in college) (Nestle's QuickBasic) (mamma . . . I just killed a man . . . ) I don't smoke but maybe you do) (wouldja like to take a quiz? Sure you would!) (control your radio!) (Radiohead rules!) (I like turnips) (yet more cartoons!) (why we don't have more of this yet I dunno) Good they are a band Did you see the one where they put the venture sprites into mousetrap? Brilliant. AYBABTU

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