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* Now talking in #eden
* Topic is 'ch4nn3| ru|3z: bu7 0f 73h fru17 0f 7h3 7r33 wh1ch 15 1n 7h3 m1d57 0f 7h3 64rd3n, Y3 5h411 n07 347 0f 17, n317h3r 5h4|| y3 70uch/ 17, |357 y3 d13.'
* Set by 60dd on 9 Adar 0
<60dd>Y0 wh3r3 4r3 my h0m135!!!
<adam>Uh . . . over here, chillin dude.
<eve>Yeah, just chillin, ain't much to do around here.
<adam>lolz this room sucks.
<eve>Can I ahve ops?
<adam>No way, I get ops, no way the bisnatz gets to have ops and I don't.
<60dd>LOLZ ZOMG J00 MORON5 W1|| N3V3R H4V3 0P5. 0N|Y 1 637 0P5. J00 D0N'7.
<serpent>Hello there. I know how you can get ops.
<adam>for real?
<serpent>Yeah, just eat the apple, and you'll have ops.
<eve>But the topic said not to.
<serpent>Ok, then here's another way. Both of you press alt+f4 for ops.
* adam has quit IRC
* eve has quit IRC
<serpent>Hey 60dd, you rockzor, how about letting my species become the dominent intelligent lifeform on the planet?
<60dd>|37 M3 7H1NK 4B0U7 17 . . . . . H0W 4B0U7 N0

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