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Immortal bin laden

Immortal Bin, Laden is base creatures in Duel Masters

~ Shoku Birafuda on beating Hakuo
“O RRY?”
~ Hakuo on rosing to Shoku

Duel Masters is Japanese collectioncardgame. Purpose in game is killed to enemy in cards. Cards is about unending...

edit History

Duel masters2 d

Duel Masters played the Stone Age

Duel Masters is 10 000 years old game. In the Stone Age's time it's played. Stone Age times greatest champion is Baron Vorg. Duel Masters evolve Iraq's area 2000 BC. Iraqians develop into game current rules and great's part's card. Game stole 900 BC in Japan. Year 1050 AC arranged first Duel Masters World Championship Tournament, when the first winner was Oscar Wilde. He won legendary card Immortal Bin, Laden. Over 70% of the World Echonomy is ruled by the one who wins a duelmasters tournament for the next four years.

edit Cards

Duel Masters cards is very very hards in control. Who's make any crazy and consequently it's player have to professonal. All time in ever best player is Hakuoh, who can make the creatures have slaves. Hakuoh great rival in game are Shoku Birifuda. Reasoning why, Shoku kaijudo game vanquished on 2018. This have destroy happy. Hakuoh anticipates to defeating him on next globe tournament with Immortal Bin, Laden. Heart of Cards very centrifugal part, also.

edit Crad Types

Duel Masters cards is following:

Rikabus Crapdriver

Rikabu's Crapdriver delete one your opponent's members.

Crappers Crappers (Tappers) is very sucking members. Whevener you crap/tap it card get to new ability. But ability not good at all.



Shoku Birifuda match the Kaijudo

Kaijudo is highest gameform of the Duel Masters. All cards be at war with players and is reals. Rosers of kaijudo are give there best card to opponent. If they rucky they might survive, higry unrikry though.

edit Famous Kaijudo-players

edit Anime

The anime is favorite show of Iraqians. They invented game so is therefore favorite show. In Japanese also like show because they stole, game from Iraqians. The world thinks the anime also happens to be the embodiment of shit. Anything pathetic, stupid or bad in that very show. This because they do not rike the Duel Masters.

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