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“I will fucking kill the director”
~ Steve Ballmer on Uncyclopedia 3:Steve Ballmer's Revenge

“Things are gonna get Wilde...for the third time!”
~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia 3:Steve Ballmer's Revenge

Uncyclopedia 3

Uncyclopedia 3 movie poster

Uncyclopedia 3: Steve Ballmer's Revenge is the sequel to the smash blockbuster Uncyclopedia 2. In this film, Steve Ballmer finally gets revenge on Oscar Wilde by drawing pictures of him doing gay stuff and posting them on Google, and those morons actually thought they were real. Oscar Wilde was embarrassed. So he planned to get revenge on Steve Ballmer by drawing pictures of him doing gay stuff. The morons at Google seemed to be smarter, since they knew Oscar's drawings were fake. So he tried plan B, to fucking kill Steve Ballmer. He hired grues, Brock, SpongeBob SquarePants, Stewie Griffin, Osama and Garfield to fucking kill Steve Ballmer. Steve was powerless, and Oscar and the gang kicked his ass. They later shot him and he was fucking killed.

edit Reviews

Here's what the critics say about Uncyclopedia 3:

“This one is worse than number 2”
~ God on Uncyclopedia 3
“Two very big thumbs down.”
~ Roger Ebert on Uncyclopedia 3
“This movie sucks. Don't waste your money buying tickets to this movie. You will walk out angry.”
~ Me on Uncyclopedia 3
“If it has Oscar Wilde in it, it has to be good.”
~ Oscar Wilde on Uncyclopedia 3
“This movie is a blowout, baby!”
~ Dick Vitale on Uncyclopedia 3
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