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    my anti-drug
Hinoa F. Arash, esq.
List of Factoids
  • Member since 30 October 2005
  • Admin since 25 April 2006
  • Uncyclopedian of the Month, Nov. 2006
  • 28 years old
  • Of the male persuasion
  • Likes cookies, sleeping
  • Dislikes morons, you
  • Part-time student
  • Also edits Golden Sun Universe
  • Plays Nexus War
  • Slightly loony
  • Is American
  • Lost soul in 'Nam Second Euroipods War
  • Probably needs a nap right now
  • Knows ninjutsu (seriously!)
  • Is not a morning person
  • Has only written six articles
  • Is often bored
  • Highly approves of MaSu
  • Is not the Admin Fairy
Hallo, you've reached my user page. If you want to see shiny things that I've received in my time at Uncyclopedia, see here. If you'd like to talk to me for whatever reason, I've got a page for that. If you'd like to vandalize my userpage, please hold and I'll be right with you. If you're incredibly bored and want to see my userboxes, look here. If you want a cookie or someone who cares, hang up; you've got the wrong user entirely.

And enough with the voicemail conceit. I'm Hinoa, I'm a misanthrope, and I'm a pseudo-active admin of this train wreck. Yes, I probably don't know you, but I hate you anyway, so you can stop trying. ;)

Fun fact about me: I hate vanity articles. I've even gone so far as to register for forums that have pissed me off to the extent of CVPing the article in question and bitch at them in person. I do not intend on changing this policy anytime soon.

When I do come around here, I do maintenance work (deletions, reversions, more deletions, banninations--that sort of thing). I haven't written an article in forever. I keep wanting to, but never actually getting around to it due to laziness and such.

I'm not very fond of how the Uncyc community is turning out lately. It seems to me that there's too much whoring of articles going on, and thus an article that could be genuinely funny may be overlooked by one whose author whores it out more. It seems to be a fairly hostile environment for new writers, and thus, Uncyc is beginning to stagnate a bit. (Not to mention overreaction and professional dramamancers--I won't name names, but regulars should know who I'm talking about.) That, and I'm probably suffering from admin burnout.

Anyway, take a look around. I recommend starting at HTBFANJS if you're writing, and then just a few generally awesome articles: Hammer, Do NOT click any links!, Don't be Stupid, Vote Fish Penis, and Peoples' Nuclear Program (one of mine). Enjoy, bitches.

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