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Proxy Inquisition

Nobody expects the Proxy Inquisition!

Welcome to the home of the Uncyclopedia Proxy Inquisition. Our mission is to track down and exterminate open proxies in accordance with UN:BAN. If you have found an open proxy, you may list it below under the heading "Unblocked Open Proxies" with the format *{{IP|}} (obviously substituting for the proxy's IP). When the proxy becomes blocked, it will be moved to the "Blocked Open Proxies" section.

We appreciate your assistance in this endeavor, however impossible it may seem.

What is a proxy?

A proxy as described by cardinal Hinoa:

Proxies are computers or servers that act as an intermediate point for web transfer, essentially changing your apparent IP. Therefore, they can be used to get around blocks. I am making the list here because Uncyclopedia policy is that no open proxies are permitted to edit.

Unblocked Open Proxies

Blocked Open Proxies

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