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Please take a seat and enjoy this complimentary punch in the gut.

This is where I note some of my edits/articles and stuff which I take the main responsibility for.

edit Featured

Bold: Featured
Italics: Quasi-featured

There may be more. I can't remember.

* Help from Hardwick and FreeMorpheme
** Collaborative effort with Ghelae, Hardwick, Cap'n Finding Nemo and some other guys.
*** Cheers to Hardwick and ENeGMA for their help

edit Selected Other Articles

edit UnBooks Articles

edit The Rest

Stuff you probably won't get...

Red 'uns have been wiped from the face of the Earth!

edit Total Rewrites/Salvage operations

Cake Cannon Saved from Wikipedia | Church of England Saved from NRV | Extreme Stamp Licking Saved from NRV | Lanky Twang Rewrote and adopted | Look It's Art Rewritten and expanded | Mini | Vinegar 100% rewrite

edit Other stuff started

edit UnNews Stories

UnNews LogoPotato

I claim to be a UnNews correspondent. So there.

I claim to be am a UnNews UK Correspondent, albeit a rather cruddy one. Now chronological!

  1. British Government Announce Education Shake-Up, 30 April 2006
  2. Bishop of York in 'Scally', Substance Seizure Shock, 2 May 2006
  3. Boris Johnson Named in England World Cup Squad, 8 May 2006
  4. Uncyclopedian Attacked by Savage Wikipedians, 11 May 2006
  5. Drought Hits Southern UK, 15 May 2006
  6. Volunteers Uncover Precursor to Walkman, 18 May 2006
  7. World Braces Itself For Bloodbath World Cup, 9 June 2006
  8. England Fans Kick Off Huge Stink in Cologne*, 20 June 2006. (Audio Recording)
  9. Blair forced to quit, 5 September 2006. (Audio Recording)
  10. Beckham to move to Uncyc Rovers FC, 11 January 2007.

* Helping out Mhaille, the original creator

edit Collaborations

edit Dead

  • Chicken Gun. Some fool rewrote it, so it was only a matter of time before it was huffed. Gah.

edit Templates

Some useless templates I made when I was bored.

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