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Below is a list of episodes of The Young and The Uncyclopedians.

Episode Summary
Episode 54 General idiocy and fighting in a living room. Everyone chokes, shoots, and swordfights. Later, everyone goes to Nikita's base. Jules dies, and Dizberg goes to heckle his funeral.
Episode 55 The location of the ring is revealed, and Adam calls General Han Soson to get them in his plane. Corsair does something impossible, smashing his French Clipper through the side of the plane, "claiming it" for France. The plane isn't repaired from the huge hole, and crashes into a bar. Indy and Adam have an insult swordfight. Shamus, almost dead, shoots Adam and Indy...a lot, and then dies.
Episode 56 Commies in Canada!
Episode 57 A great argument ensues over pancakes and donuts. n00b reveals her shocking love life!
Episode 58 Plane crash. Indians. A BHOP with...donuts! Lots of bad news, and at the end, an alliance is made.
Episode 59 Wannabe terrorist. Plane. Corsaire dosen't smash into plane... Wait, WHAT? Plane runs out of fuel, crashes into Hawaii at Mach 4. Giant cliffhanger.
Episode 60 Survivors found. Han gets a boat. Corsaire attacked by pirates. Pirates attack. Benson nearly killed by French flag thrown by Corsaire.
Episode 61 Benson in a hospital. Donut obsession. Spice store owner out of curry powder. Delivery comes in clipper, with Rene. House ran over. Curry powder pricey. Will Benson survive!?! Are the heroes going to escape from prison!?!
Episode 62 Some escape from squad car! Engelsfair meets a fellow communist! Grueslayer is ripped off! More people are saved from the police! Communists go crazy! Commies! Commies! Commies! Grueslayer! Commies! Grueslayer! Commies!
Episode 63 Emmzed saves Benson with Canadian Maple Syrup. Clipper with Corsaire and Flandos crashes into the hospital. Time is meddled with. The Baron's mansion explodes.
Episode 64 Thugs! The ring is missing! Flandos reveals all about his affair and sex with Alka'anad! Donuts! Capture by thugs! Escape with potato ship! Corsaire! Crash! Injured grue!
Episode 65 Revelations! Captures! A burglar! The complex! Commies! Froggy falls out of the plane.
Episode 66 Commies! A plane crash! The clipper! Starnes attack! The complex! Communism saving the day! Mysterious guy meets the group! Indians converted to communism!
Episode 67 Warning. Molly. Commie...<Han punches Engelsfair> Aqaraii demonstrates his phD in Jack Bauerness. Corsaire strikes!
TYATU:NY1 A new writer. Engelsfair dreams. None of this has any relavence to the plot, or commies.
Episode 69 Corsaire reveals an affair. COMMIES! Alka'anad strikes. Poison. Capture. Escape. Drama. A large explosion. COMMIES!
Episode 70 A missing comrade. A serial killer strikes. Shandon cries. Nikita scorns. Starnes strikes. Communism saves. The US department of defense gets involved. COMMIES!
Episode 71 Commies! Commies! A nuke! Everyone taunts Han! Commies! Starnes and Blaning attack the Pentagon! Brad is back! Will Starnes and Shamus survive?
Episode 72 A presidential address! An assassin! The Pentagon is destroyed! Blaning shoots! Gitmo!
Episode 73 Trapped. Clipper thru wäll. Communism expected. Communism not come. MILITARY COPTER. GO MY CHIL~1 AND DEST~1 THE KILL~1 WHO IS INDEST~1! STOP THE ZOMBEES!
TYATU:NY2 SWITZERLAND! COMMIES! Murphy shoots Blaning. Engelsfair kills ALL! COMMIES! Uncyclopedia is under attack by ALIENS. Er, pirates!
Episode 75 Ring of Grue Control! Engelsfair uses it! COMMUNIST GRUES! SWAT teams attack! COMMIES! Han goes insane...
Episode 76 Han launches nukes! Han shoots Ronalds and Engelsfair! CAPITALISTS! Han shoots everyone! Blaning must save the day!
Episode 77 Han stops being crazy! Engelsfair's house asplodes! Power goes out! Vandals attack!
Episode 78 Vandals capture three members of the alliance! APCs are repaired! communist Goatse! IT BURNSSSSS!!!
Episode 79 Braycat and Keira reunited! People go Awwwwwwww...! Fourth wall broken! Episode closed early due to Goatse!
Episode 81 ENGELSFAIR FINALLY STOPS GOATSEING! HAN IMMUNE TO COMMIES! Ring found... in Adam's stomach. Keira saves the day... ring is worthless! Diem makes credit cards. Robert Gates shoots.
Episode 82 Starnes lives! APCs drive in circles! Supwealuhop tries to make Keira go to Murphy as a virgin! Plan thwarted twice! Engelsfair does goatse! Encyclopedia Dramatica dies again!
Episode 83 Goatse! Admins! Diem napalms the area.
Episode 84 Welcome to Strangetown. Han and Adam know Simlish, they meet some sims. BELLA GOTH IS FOUND! MYSHUNO! COMMIE! Cheney hunts Starnes, shoots a friend of Cheney's.
Episode 85 People screw around in Strangetown! Sims talk in English! Adam creates three virgins! Group and Sims teleported to Murphy!
Episode 86'd People cheat! A lot! Battle starts! Han jumps out from a 4,000th floor!
Episode 87 Eight people and a dog jump out of a hole in the wall! Vietcong! People are saved! Dog dies (again)! Everybody falls down traps!
Episode 88 Everybody is chained up! Aquarii blows up a rack! ENGELSFAIR MAY BE HAN'S FATHER! People fall asleep!
Episode 89 Bush and Putin speak. Bush is obviously the not-geeky one. COMMIE STAR!! NATO comments on this horrible thing: Soup.
Episode 90 SSSSSSSSTTTTTAAAAAARRRRRRRR WWWWWWWAAAAAAARRRRRRRSSSSSS special spinoff episode! The earth is shaped in Engelsfair's image. Spinning people. Quite random.
Episode 91 Tuxedo wear Aquarii! BOMB! BOMB! BOMB! Froggy says something. It's ribbiting. Darth! Darth! Darth! Evil? I think not! Evil has been DEPLESOYEN'd! WORK IN PROGRESS!!!!
TYATU:NY3 Engelsfair saves Uncyclopedia? Or does he! Crap! Engelsfair/Benson dies! The Baron takes it from here! God Speaks!! The Baron SURVIVES.
TYATU:NY4 The Baron gets ZOMBIEEEED! O'Perandi is dead?! Could it be?! How?! Now we look how the AUTO BAN DEVICE works. Will the Stranger be found out? Will this be a long-running spinoff? Will The Baron be the hero after surviving this episode? The plot is already detached and no Spoiler Warning is seen! I'm done now.
TYATU:NY5 3 GEs in a row! O'Perandi dies at last! Train event! The Baron already survives 3 episodes! This may be the start of something! Life! Stranger and Baron meet on train! Evil evolves! Who will save Uncyclopedia? Does anyone care about EV9LVERS anymore?
Episode 95 Who become doppleganger??! Benson sent to bathroom?! Witnesses sinister! People fall asleep AGAIN!! 9mm is a gun!!!? Who be veselia? FootShot! THEY HAVE GRUES?!?!
Episode 97 UnBath Humor! Spit! Spit! Spiiiiit! Last time on 24! Argon Gasp for Aiiirrr????! IMPERIAL MARCH! Darth shoot credit roll same time!
TYATU:NY7 Baron eat somebody! THE DEVIL!! DiMario!! Now the universe is in the control of the STRANGER!! EV9LVERS? Nay.
TYATU:NY8 President dead! Emmzee returns?! Dentals unhappy! NeedAbrain? EV9LVERS. Dead. Or are they?! ALIENWARE CELL PHONES!! MADE IN NETHERLANDS!!
Episode 100 Holy explosions Batman! Crashlandings galore! Pancakes for Presidents! BANG BANG BANG! MAGNETS ATTRACT! FIRE AT WILL!! I can help, DESTROY! OH DEAR!
TYATU:NY9 Continute! Stranger comeback!! Holographic security! Nobody cares to get HOLO-killed. Who is holographic? Does the Holographic dudes care? SWAT Officer L gets killed! Dum-dum-dum-doooom!
Episode 102 STARDATE 2007! Han is not han? Dopplegänger? What the hell?! Commietrooper is Han!!!! Emmzed is a lümberjack! Things get shöcking. TWO COMMIETROOPERS!! PONG-01 feels pain! AAAAAAAAA!
TYATU:NY10 Things are really weird. EPISODE 10! End of Season! Goodbye!
Episode 104 Mysterious figure! Die! GROUNDHOG! 2 tr00pering n00bz. Blaning! Is he evil?! Nobody cares!
Episode 105 It's miss n00b! LALALALALAL LALALA! n00bs can't talk! CONTENTS! AAAAAAAAA! Froggy gets yelled at! CONTENTS!
Episode 106 People gasp! FIRE IN THE HOLE! RUN LIKE HELL! What seen in 43rd camera?!!!!!! N0000! Death Metal Bread comes in the niiiiight!
Episode 107 Hospital! Scrubs! ER! HOusE! Operation Surgery! AAAAAA! I'm being killed! Lalalala! 107! Argh!
Episode 108 BOMB! DUCK! ASPLODE! Care Bear explosion! Adam's PORNO sucks!! Doctor #1 juggle knives over patient. Nobody care! Sensei a girl????! More Fire!!
Episode 109 CPR ATTEMPT! EGR! HOSPITAL! ER! ALIENS! BENSON! SINGLEWORDSENTENCES! NOBODYCARES... First season 24 can save a girl or man's life. OOooOOoooo!!
Episode 110 Zerotrousers is 17 yrs old! Omg! Doppleganger be BLANING! OMGWTFBBQ? ALIENS! For real...

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