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edit Episode #99

(Inside the Dirty House, Wastington D.C.)

Keira: So you see mister Crappi Dentals, we need to get in!

Dentals: Only if you get me tooth paste and some LithiYum.

The Baron: Time to KILL!!! (Takes out a GE-HOON and shoots Dentals, but Dentals shoots him first with a spoiler gun. Dead.)

Keira: Nay!!

Dentals: Now it's your turn (Shoots Keira. Dead.)

Crazy Dentals (president): (Walks in from his office.) I want a-

Dentals: (Shoots the President) Nooo! Brother! What have I done?

Keira: You shot the president.

The Baron: Looks like it.

Dentals: My brother is dead.

Crazy Dentals (president): No, I ain't.

Nikita: (Climbs in from the window.) What did I miss?

Keira: Niki! Is Uncyclop alive?

Nikita: Nope. That was a nuclear pri-explosion. It doesn't kill anyone. Not even you!

Keira: So I don't have powers?

Dentals: Zombies!! (Shoots Nikita, The Baron, The Crazy Dentals (president) and the baron. Nikita? Dead. For real.)

Keira: So I am dying now, am I not?

The Baron: Yeah. But I will get medicine! (Turns on his IMPULATOR and runs to the hells)

Keira: Oh crap! A typo!


The Baron: Oh crap! At EPO!

EPO guard: No-one gets in without a ticket.

The Baron: What does EPO stand for?

EPO guard: Eternal Party OoOooOooo'ing.

The Baron: Huh-

EPO guard: They do stuff that make people go like this- OooOOooOooo forever and ever.

The Baron: I thought you said OoOooOooo.

EPO guard: Who cares!

The Baron: (Grabs his dutch ALIENWAAHER cell phone and uses it to check the status of Keira) He's damaged pretty big. He only has 3 seconds to live! (Uses his dutch ALIENWAAHER cell phone to slow time around him down 9000x)

The Baron: Hypertime. You can never predict them. (Turns on his IMPULATOR and-) Um, this isn't running. This is semi-walking. At 3 m/h. How sucky. (Turns off the slow-down effect.) AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! (Hits a random tree at 900 mph) I need to know when I should turn the impulator off!

Keira: Yo!

The Baron: I thought you were dying.

Keira: What? You must of been dreaming.

The Baron: Were we not at the Dirty House to report of the Stranger to the president?

Keira: Are you out of your mind?

Emmzee: (Passes by) Hey guys!

The Baron: But... HOW?

Keira: This way! (Kills The Baron)

The Baron: You cannot do this! I am a ZOMBIE!!

Emmzee: What? I thought you said you were a human in these series.

The Baron: Er...

Emmzee: Just tell Gay that there's a chip under his skin that the FBI uses to follow him.


The Baron: (Talking to Thomas "I am teh" Gay) Did you know, that there's a chip under your skin the FBI uses to follow you?


The Baron: Not for me. You are soooo ghey.

Gay: Don't say that! My momma was BI.

The Baron: Does talking to a ghey make me ghey?

Keira and Emmzee: NO!

The Baron: KTHX, I was already scared.

Keira: I can see that.

Emmzee: Let's kill Gay!

(Everyone including Gay himself begins stabbing Gay.)

Emmzee: This has been the best advert for Greenpeace EVUR!!

The Baron: You two are strange.

Emmzee: Hell Yeah!

Gay: Spare a-

(Everyone kills Gay)

The Baron: Why are we doing this?

Emmzee: Well...

The Baron: Yes?

Emmzee: On the street-

Keira: -there's this-

Emmzee: -very popular-

Keira: -barber shop for girls-

Emmzee: -and Gay works-

Keira: -the-

Emmzee: -re.

The Baron: Gotcha.

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