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edit Episode #96

(The home of Nikita Starveshchev in Jericho, Kansas. Accompanied by Uncyclop, Zatoichi and Keira)

Nikita: We have small time! The Stranger has destroyed the fifth wall by referencing too much about us, and now he's going on with the sixth! One more and-

Keira: -the world implodes twice and the falls sideways and eplemts.

Zaitochi: Actually, the world goes versiways.

Nikita: We're all going to hell! We will not die there. I bought three tickets to the train for all of us.

Uncyclop: But there is four of us. Unless we are wearing shorts.

Nikita: Excactly, and I took a vow that the second person that says something after I said that I had bought three tickets will not get on the train!

Zaitochi: But that means you aren't coming.

Nikita: Wrong! It's in fact that bowl of soup that said something!

Bowl of Soup: What?

Zaitochi: So the soup ain't coming?

Nikita: Yey.

Uncyclop: Come on, honey, look!

Nikita: Oh my forking god! Whort is thort?!!!

Bowl of Soup: That is a nuclear explosion or god forgot to change the sunbulb.

Uncyclop: Oh no!

Zaitochi: The Stranger must have destroyed the sixth wall.

Keira: Actually, that was Atlanta.

Uncyclop: Yep.

Keira: Here we have everything based on Jericho and The 1971 Sexy Saxophone Nuke Accident

Uncyclop: Then there's the Nuke Me If You Can film shot in 1998.

Zaitochi: Nick, tell us what to do.

Nikita: Grab these flappy-gooters and we will shoot the Strange Mun. (Gives mugs to everyone and smashes the Bowl of Soup to pieces with one.)

Uncyclop: Er-

Zaitochi: I know something else we can do with these.

Uncyclop: Yes. Very else.

Keira: W00 W33!

Uncyclop: Quickly! Time for Super Sam Sax Action!

(The ground shakes and the whole house explodes)

Keira: NoooOOOOoooOOOOOoooOOOooOOOoooOoOoOooOoOOoOooOooOoOo00OoOO!!!!! I wanted to stay alive in this show!

(A Dusty Person walks in)

Dusty Person: You are alive! Look at you. You have some shiny powers, or something.


Dusty Person: LIEK YA. YA RLI

Keira: NO WAI!1

Dusty Person: IT C00L 3H?

Keira: YAI. ˇ-ˇ kekekekekekekekeke.

Dusty Person: WAHT RRONG?

Keira: All my friends are dead.


/me asks you for hangman

Keira: I'm serious, they are totoally doom0rxd.


Dusty Person: O.o

Keira: Chat Mode Off!

(Dusty Person vanishes off)

Keira: That was a strange guy.

(The following message did not reach Dusty Person: That was a strange guy.)

Keira: Log off!

(Conversation over)

(Credits roll.)

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