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edit Episode #94

The Baron: Can I continue now?

Yo'Mamaperandi No, you have done enough work in TALKING down here in Winsconsin.

The Baron: Well you can't die now can you? (Pause) O'Perandi? Hello? I will avenge your dooOOoom!

(Cue dramatic music)

The Baron: On the other hand, I can just ignore it, but then I would lose my Virgin Mobility and stuff, as it was I that killed you. Darn event ignorance disorder! It was the doctor! I must avenge your doom and kill the doctor! What does avenge mean anyway?

Stranger: You can never avenge his doom! You don't have a scalpel. And besides, it should be I that killed O'Perandi! Stop being satire.

The Baron: Satire is my life! And you shut up. (Grabs a Random Defeat Ray)

Stranger: Wait! If you kill me now, this will be a short running TV series. And it will get cancelled and will never be on TV for it has too little episodes for a series, too short episodes for movies/sequels and too many and too long episodes for comic strips! And how can we even show comic strips when it's a series?

The Baron: You are referencing way too much info and the fourth wall is destroyed.

Emmzed: The fourth wall! Could someone clean these shreds of glass up? The fourth wall IS a window, you know.

The Baron: You're already getting started on the fifth. Soon you are at the seventh, the one that includes both time AND space. Then you will kill us.

Emmzed: Um, these shreds make my feet bleed.

The Baron: Okay then, stop breaking the fifth, sixth and seventh walls, please.

Stranger: Nev-

Emmzed: I've seen this part, this is where the bad guy says "NEVEEERRRRRRR!!!!11" and you have to stop him. (Randomly trips on a banana and the shreds of glass make him melt)

Stranger: Now none can stop me! (Catches and easyTrain to Hell)

The Baron: Not Hell! If I follow him, I'll get nothing good to eat for 4 days. (Catches the train anyway)

(On the train)

The Baron: I've got you now!! (Everyone gasps except Steve Ballmer.)

Stranger: Never!! (Grabs a dog.) Ow, ow! Eek! Yeaaooww! AAAAAAAAA!

The Baron: That dog is sleeping, or dead.

Stranger: He is? Dang, I'm smart.

The Baron: Okay then.

Stranger: Okay, here's the part where I do the hostage message. On your talk page.

The Baron: Go ahead.

Stranger: Give me 4,000,000,000 dollars and leave me alone or I will kill O'Perandi!

The Baron: He is already dead.

Stranger: Oh... Then I will break the seventh wall!

The Baron: You cannot do that! You still have the fifth and sixth wall to break until you move to the seventh!

(The train wagon they are in begins to detach from the next and previous one. The left and right wagon simply explode. The wagon stops at a cave.)

Stranger: Where did you go?

The Baron: I went to France. And one time, my friend told me to go to Pluto in Swahili and I totally took the challenge. And then-

Stranger: Are we in Hell?

The Baron: As for the extreme googles rolling around us, I think I'll abstain the vote on the "Where We Are?" quiz.

Stranger: I must teleport! (Teleports)

Note:All teleportation devices are provided by Virgin_Solutions_UK and Virgin_Teleport_Asia

The Baron: A-Ha. Where did he go now?

(Credits roll)

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