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edit Episode #93

(The UnHeadQuarters)

The Baron: Come quick! Dizberg, Blaning, Murphy, Benson and Engelsfair are all dead!

O'Perandi: Oh crap! A zombie!

The Baron: I'm not a zombie in THESE SERIES.

O'Perandi: Oh, how did everyone die?

The Baron: Everybody isn't dead. Just the five that I was talking about.

Chronos: (From Up There) Silence, fools!

O'Perandi: Oh crap! I'm going to be next. What do you think, Hinoa?

Cardboard Hinoa: ...

O'Perandi: He Abstains

The Baron: Who killed them?

O'Perandi: Only one way to find out! (Runs to A Random Street and asks a stranger) Do you like IP Vandals?

Stranger: No. And I think randoms streets should be banned for these FOOLS.


O'Perandi: No, no! Wait, wait!

(The whole street except the Stranger gets caged. The bars of the cage hit half of O'Perandi's body causing creepy damage.)

O'Perandi: Now I am half. At least we knew that the person who killed those dead guys was- (More bars crush him)

Stranger: I was lucky to escape. (Teleports to Winsconsin)

The Baron: Singapur!

The CO2 that's left of O'Perandi: Avenge my souuuUUUUul

The Baron: Okie Dokie.

(The CO2 that's left of O'Perandi fades into air and methane. Lots of methane.)

The Baron: Brains! I should better get going.

The memory of O'Perandi: Shut up and go already.

The Baron: Stranger will get his revenge!

The lost memory of O'Perandi: What?

The Baron: Er... (Teleports to Winsconsin)


Stranger: Agh!

The Baron: I have got you!

Stranger: Not to worry for me! I will just use the Zombie Crapper.

The Baron: I told you noobs, I'm not a zombie. And that's a dumb name for a machine.

Stranger: You're not a zombie? (Shoots The Baron and turns him into a zombie)

The Baron: I am now.

Random Events Man: Cliche!!1

The Baron: FTW?

Stranger: Yes, well, that was dumb.

The Baron: Can't the creator keep track of a story? This is the most jumpiest plotline I have ever emerged off.

Gertingson Fife V God Almighty overlord, god and emperor Gert5 that rains sideways from the plain ground: Silence, fool!

The Baron: Who are you, stranger?

Stranger: I will never reveal my true identity!

The Baron: Never? Then what's the point of this story?

The small atoms and molecules that's left of O'Perandi: It's untrue! These stories always have a happy ending, unless they are long-running TV series.

The Baron: Er, they are.

O'Perandi's 03x1: What? That is soo ghey.

The Baron: Kay, I think this is the last time we can talk now.

O'Perandi's 00x0.1: Why? (Turns into a 00x0, a non-existent thingie, and emolonites.)

The Baron: Nooo! O'Perandi!

The neoreolicum that's left of O'Perandi: Go on now, avenge my DOOOOoooOOOOoooommm!!

The Baron: You're not gonna die, you will just turn into something dumb and speak again.

The plop-plop that's right of O'Perandi: No, I'm not!

Stranger: Are we done here?

Poo'Perandi: No, we are taking this to the NEXT EPISODE!!

The Baron: Actually, this isn't a long running TV series. It will end once we are all dead. Or at least everyone else but me and the Stranger. Unless I have to kill him. Then it-

Lalallalallala'Perandi: Ahem, a previous version of me said NEXT EPISODE!!

(Credits roll with various versions of O'Perandi credited)

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